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Angelic Amethyst & Clear Aura Quartz Set #3 ~ Ultra Glitzy and Uplifting Rainbow Energy

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Weight: 80 g

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This listing is for the exact crystal set listed here. This set contains one amethyst cluster and one clear aura quartz cluster/ point.

Clear Aura Quartz will hold all of the same metaphysical properties of regular clear quartz, because after all, it is clear quartz that is bathed in metals to enhance and boost the healing capabilities and the way the crystal interacts with the users energy field. Use Aura Quartz to boost mood, elevate feelings of love and joy, provoke new ideas and paths, and to help you feel confident in your self. Though these crystals are  enhanced, they hold and utilize ancient powers of alchemy. They are created through electrostatically bonding precious metals onto natural Clear Quartz. These enchanting crystals have mesmerizing metallic colors that stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Use this on each and every chakra to utilize all of the amazing benefits! 

The Amethyst Cluster in this set is a very deep purple and filled with sparkle and shimmer. Amethyst provides Third Eye & Crown Chakra opening. Amethyst is a supreme stone for energy cleansing, protecting, balancing and grounding. One of the most well known crystals today- Amethyst is a wonderful soothing stone to work on the physical, the emotional and etheric bodies. Wearing or carrying Amethyst will allow you to think from a clear and balanced state of mind to reduce oxidative stress. This is also a beneficial stone for EMF protection. 

Dimensions: (Approx. of Each) 
L- 5 cm
W- 2.5 cm
H- 2 cm