Amazing Partially Polished Condor Agate Specimen From Argentina

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Condor Agate was discovered in 1992, this stone comes from a difficult-to-reach 7,000-foot elevated plateau in Patagonia, Argentina. Condor Agate was named after the bird of the Andes. This agate's bright colors are made even more vivid by their contrasting bands of cooler, more-subtle hues. On a Metaphysical level Agate is beneficial in self-analysis and uncovering hidden circumstances that might interfere with well-being. It promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one's own truth. Agate overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart, by healing anger, fostering love, and lending the courage to start over. It is useful for any kind of trauma.

Dimensions :

Length – 7.5 cm

Width – 6.1 cm

Height – 2.4 cm