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Amazing, Natural Smoky Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Point from Brazil

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Weight: 550 g

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This listing is for the exact crystal pictured. This crystal was hand selected by Chadd at the 2024 Tucson Rock and Gem Show based on its beauty and energetic integrity. 

Smoky Quartz is an incredible crystal that carries all of the same qualities as clear quartz, plus an entire set of its own! Smoky Quartz works as a stabilizing and grounding crystal, transforming negative or unhelpful thoughts into new ideas and clear thought patterns. Smoky Quartz is a detoxifying crystal, subtly working on your energy body and your physical body. Bring emotional balance and a reduce fear and anxiety to help align you with your true path by carrying or meditating with this wonderful crystal. Smoky Quartz may also serve to help you remember specific moments in time of your souls evolutionary journey. For those who seek to learn more about esoteric truth or to enhance their gifts, this is a wonderful crystal to use. 

Lemurian Crystals have a distinct appearance, you will see horizontal striations or grooves, like bar codes, on one or more sides. Commonly, the sides of a Lemurian Crystal will have alternating striated and smooth faces.
An amazing healing crystal, Lemurian Quartz can assist in removing all energy blockages when be used for healing and meditation work. As opposed to Quartz that you program, Lemurian Quartz Crystals are a type of Quartz that you activate. As you meditate, rub your finger along the barcodes on the side of a Lemurian Quartz Crystal to activate and download Lemurian knowledge and connect to the Lemurian energy grid.
490 grams 


Length- 12cm

Width- 7 cm

Height- 7 cm