Amazing Dark Greenland Jade Gemstone Bracelet

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Jade is considered a very lucky stone, it facilitates peace and harmony between the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ones life. When all of these aspects operate in harmony and balance, goals become easier to reach. Jade is often called the "dream stone" for its ability to help one access the non-physical spirit realms. It is a protective stone, and acts as a ward against negative energies. Jade is a stone that can help you to attain your goals and dreams, instilling resourcefulness, and allowing you to see past your self imposed limitations and manifest your ideas into the physical world.


**(You will receive one Green Jade Bracelet which is similar to what is pictured. It will be hand selected for you, with the utmost care & consideration.)**




Dimensions Approximately:



18 cm in length on a stretchy elastic band.