Absolutely Stunning Sparkling Orange VANDANITE Cluster Specimen*

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Vandanite can help improve your energy levels to achieve your goals. This is a marvelous stone to help you to get things done, and is especially helpful when you have a big work load ahead. Sleeping with a piece under your pillow helps you to awaken feeling energized, and ready to get on with arranging your day's activities. This stone stimulates your creativity and prompts action. When the high level of creative energy from this stone fills your auric field, this will aid your self expression and help you to be more effective. It is an excellent healing stone that is said to be good for breathing difficulties such as asthma or other lung problems, and it aids fatigue by giving you extra energy. **(IF YOUR INTERESTED IN MULTIPLE ITEMS FROM OUR SHOP PLEASE MESSAGE US FOR COMBINED ITEM SHIPPING RATES)** Click here to view more of our Crystal Treasures: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/EarthFamilyCrystals?ref=si_shop We invite you to visit our Website www.earthfamilycrystals.com to view more of our crystals.

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