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Shungite Unpolished Cube From Russia *REDUCED

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Weight: 100 g



**REDUCED Due to damage on this cube shape. 

Shungite is the most amazing mineral as it can absorb Radiation when placed in any area. Shungite can absorb, eliminate, purify and neutralize harmful EMF radiation just by being placed in a room. Scientists have researched it extensively and have discovered that Shungite may receive its healing power from one of its elements, fullerenes. Fullerene is a globular hollow molecule consisting of several dozens of carbon atoms. When fullerenes, a particular molecular formation, were discovered in Shungite a few decades ago, it became a sensation.

Shungite may cleanse and align all the body particles so that they are open to the rapid conjoining with the light. 

Length - 3.7 cm

Width - 3.7 cm

Height- 3.7 cm