Buying Crystals Online: 4 Steps To Keep You Safe

Buying Crystals Online: 4 Steps To Keep You Safe

Buying Crystals Online: 4 Steps To Keep You Safe

There's hundreds of websites that give you the opportunity to buy crystals online, but is it safe for you? After many request, we wanted to discuss buying crystals online and how you can ensure you're buying crystals from a reputable online crystal shop, as well as buying authentic crystals and gemstones.

Buying Crystals Online

If you have access to the internet, you can buy crystals online, there's hundreds of websites online that sell crystals and gemstones. You have a LOT of options, so it can be easy to be drawn into a website that doesn't have your best interests at heart - that we don't want for you.

As long as you know how to stay safe and what to look for, you can buy crystals online safely. 

Best Advice To Buy Crystals Online

We've built this easy to follow list so you can print this out to follow if needed. 

Here's the list you need to keep in mind before you place an online order to buy crystals.

  • Company
  • Reviews
  • Product
  • Community

Company - The company you're buying crystals from matters, Earth Family Crystals is an online crystal boutique that has been lovingly curating rare and unique Mineral, Crystal and Fossil specimens world-wide since 2011. That's a 12 year track record, that matters when you're looking for a crystal shop to buy crystals. 

Earth Family Crystals Reviews

Reviews - Reviews are equally important, what are customers saying about the company? Here at EFC, we have over 2K verified reviews, you can see those reviews right here. 

Make sure you take the time to check out the reviews of the crystal shop you're purchasing crystals from. Make sure they're verified reviews from a reputable place.

Product - Over our 12+ year history, we've heard a lot of people talk about buying fake crystals or getting crystals that weren't what the seller said they were. This is unfortunate, but it happens. This is why you want to do your due diligence, review the company, review their verified reviews. If they're red flags, don't buy crystals from them.

Community - A lot of people don't consider "community" when buying crystals, but it's a very important thing to look for. Check out their social media, check the company's communities - what does it say about the crystal shop?

EFC has 266K on Facebook alone - you can join us here. 

We have an amazing community, we'd love for you to be a part of it.

If you take a few minutes to review social media and other online communities, you'll get a pretty good idea if you should buy crystals from that company or not.

How Can You Tell If A Crystal Is Real Or Fake?

It can be tough for anyone that hasn't spent years reviewing crystals. This is why your due diligence is so important, when done, it can help you avoid buying fake crystals.

It's another reason why you always want to buy crystals online from a company that has a long track record of success. EFC has spent more than a decade building our reputation and earning your trust. It's just best to avoid being in that scenario if possible.

It's not easy and takes some time to get use to, but here's what we recommend. Make sure you look out for unnatural colors (example: like dyed crystals) or patterns that are perfectly symmetrical. These patterns usually don't exists.

You can also try removing the color from the crystal, but be careful cause you don't want to damage a real crystal. 

If rare crystals are priced oddly, that is often a red flag. 

Be careful buying crystals online from China and other countries that are well known for scamming customers.


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