Shop Crystals By Color

Shop Crystals By Color

Shop Crystals By Color

Are you looking for a specific color of crystal and information on healing by color? Browse Crystals by Color. Check out our awesome collection of crystals, healing stones, and mineral specimens in a rainbow assortment of colors!

Brown Crystals

Brown crystals and minerals can be great for relaxation, recovery, and grounding. They create a connection with natural elements, seasonal cycles, minerals, crystals, plant and animal kingdoms, and earth fairies.

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Black Crystals

Using black crystals can provide a strong sense of grounding and energy, which may lead to a feeling of overall well-being.

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Red Crystals

Red Crystals can provide energetic healing support for improving health and may contain beneficial properties during extended periods of illness or hospitalization.

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Pink Crystals

Pink crystals and healing stones have a positive effect on energy and emotions, and can help heal and cultivate feelings of peace, love, and understanding.

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Blue Crystals

Blue crystals are well known for their calming and soothing properties.

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Purple Crystals

Using purple crystals can help in balancing energies, calming mental processes, and releasing negative emotions such as anger, fear, and anxiety. These crystals are useful for developing and enhancing psychic abilities, engaging in spiritual pursuits, and improving meditation.

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Green Crystals

Green crystals, found in the middle of the rainbow spectrum, can help balance you emotionally and spiritually while supporting good physical health and abundance.

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Yellow Crystals

Yellow crystals can have a positive effect on your mood, providing a boost of energy and promoting emotional balance. They may help reduce feelings of hostility, irritability, and sadness.

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White Crystals

The white crystals are believed to aid in new beginnings, by removing obstacles and strengthening one's connection with their higher self. They have a crystalline structure and appear as small stones.

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Orange Crystals

Orange crystals can assist in replenishing your energy levels by nurturing and supporting your authentic self. They may inspire you to step forward and shine.

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Gray Crystals

Gray crystals have the ability to deflect negative energies and protect the aura from energy loss.

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