How To Charge Your Crystals

How To Charge Your Crystals

How To Charge Your Crystals

According to experts, there are various ways to charge your crystals to optimize their effectiveness. Here are nine crystal charging methods to consider, along with helpful tips to keep in mind.

According to modern crystal healers, crystals have a tendency to retain the energy they come into contact with, which may not necessarily be positive. For instance, if you utilize a crystal for protection purposes, it will absorb the negative energy that it is shielding you from.

To charge your crystal, you need to clear its energy first. That's why charging crystals is also referred to as "clearing" them. After that, you have to fill the crystal with grounding energy that comes from nature, such as the moon, soil, water, and other sources.

How To Choose The Best Charging Method

It can be difficult to determine which crystal charging method to use for a specific crystal due to the abundance of options available. They suggests relying on your intuition to make the best decision.

(1) Place The Under The Moon

The full moon has a strong impact on the lunar cycle and it can effectively clear and charge your preferred crystals.

(2) Bury Them In The Ground

According to some, burying your crystals can help in clearing and charging them. To do this, you need to dig a small hole in the desired spot and collect the soil in an earthenware pot or jar. This was mentioned by Leavy in a previous conversation with mbg.

(3) Give Them A Sound Bath

Karen Frazier, the author of Crystals for Healing, is fond of using sound to shift frequencies. She enjoys placing the crystals in a singing bowl and ringing it, as she mentioned to mbg earlier.

(4) Soak Them In Moon Water

Quinn suggests an alternative way to charge your crystals with moon energy by making your own moon water. You can either place your crystals in the moon water for an hour or pour the water over the crystals. However, make sure to use only water-resistant stones.

Crystals can provide benefits such as a new perspective and increased creativity. However, over time, crystals can accumulate negative energy. It's recommended to clear them regularly to prevent this. Clearing your crystals may help improve their energy and your experience with them.

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