Tips to Stay Optimistic & Grounded During Challenging Times

Tips to Stay Optimistic & Grounded During Challenging Times

Tips to Stay Optimistic & Grounded During Challenging Times

Tips to Stay Optimistic & Grounded During Challenging Times

It’s difficult times like these that remind us all that we are only human and that we won’t be around forever – at least in this body. As somebody who is sensitive to energy, I can sense the negativity coming from not only those close to me but in people in general.

It isn’t just a physical sickness going around the entire world, but emotional and spiritual sicknesses as well. Everyone is affected in one way or another, whether it’s by the physical symptoms, seeing loved ones become ill, losing jobs and experiencing financial difficulty, fear, loneliness due to isolation, etc.

More than anything, for me, it’s all of the negative energy and emotions as a whole. Any empath out there will know what I’m talking about. It is absolutely essential to try and stay grounded and positive, and to use shielding energy.

Crystals play a huge role in my daily energy work. Crystals are proven tools of alternative energy work and healing, and have been so for millennia. Each has its own uniqueness, vibration and purpose.

I want to share some of my favorite crystals and stones that are really giving me guidance and emotional healing during these challenging times.

Before we get started, though, it’s imperative that I remind you that crystal healing – as well as any other type of alternative healing – should not be used in place of actual medicine, but rather as a supplement. If you or a loved one is feeling physically ill with symptoms, please seek medical treatment at a hospital.

With that out of the way, here are some crystals that I’m using in various ways.

Shielding and Protection


It’s not just our bodies that need shielding, but our auras and minds as well. Whether I need to keep positive energy surrounding my home and personal space, or need to shield myself from any potential danger – physical or spiritual – when out grocery shopping – here are some of the crystals I like to use.

  • Hematite is a good one to meditate with whenever I’m feeling any kind of weakness and need a boost of strength. I usually don’t use Hematite by itself, however, as it seems to work best when part of a formation with other crystals, like in Auralite-23, which also helps keep my anxiety in check.

  • Tourmalated quartz crystals – I prefer carrying them around as loose stones in my pocket when I have to go out. Tourmaline has always been known for being a powerful protection stone, and quartz helps to amplify that energy.

  • Fluorite – This is a powerful stone for protection from just about anything, from disease to electromagnetic radiation. At home I keep a piece of fluorite on my computer desk. When I have to go out, I wear a fluorite pendant to ward of negative energies, emotions, and for physical protection. It’s important to remember that this is a stone that requires regularly cleansing, due to all of the negative energy it is exposed to. I put my pieces under running water a few times a week.

Staying Grounded


It’s easy to get lost in our own thoughts and forget about reality when we’re spending so much time away from the outside world.

Crystal and gems are really great when it comes to grounding and connecting us to the Earth. Gems that are associated with the root and sacral chakra in particular are very helpful with this kind of energy work.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • NuummiteThis rare stone, sometimes referred to as the “Sorcerer’s Stone” or “Magician’s Stone”, is over a billion years old and can easily be considered one of – if not THE – oldest stones on Earth. I can really feel the Earth’s energy when I am holding it. Whenever I’m having trouble staying focused and my mind is wandering everywhere, I spend a few minutes meditating with Nuummite to help me stay grounded. It’s also good for protecting me from manipulations from others.


  • Smoky QuartzThe great thing about the “smoky” variety of quartz in addition to its grounding energies is that it really boosts survival instincts, and having enhanced survival instincts is a must for everyone right now. Smoky quartz is my “go to” stone whenever I’m feeling down and depressed with all of the negativity going on in the world.


  • Tiger’s Iron Also sometimes referred to as Tiger Iron, this stone is a combination of three other stones, which are powerful in their own right: Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, and Jasper. I personally like to wear a Tiger Iron ring whenever I’m having trouble staying grounded. It also helps me to become energized. If you have trouble finding Tiger Iron, then get a combination of at least 2 of the stones it’s made up of.


Grounding isn’t just important for mental and emotional health, it’s also important for physical health. Going a long time without being strongly connected to the Earth can lead to issues such as light-headedness, clumsiness, and even foot and leg pain.

I know for a fact that whenever I go too long without doing any energy work to help me stay grounded, I’m more likely to trip and hurt myself. Fortunately, I have the stones mentioned above to help prevent accidents from happening and for feeling physically and mentally stable.

Stones for Staying Optimistic

We all have some concerns right now, whether it’s for ourselves, family members, the economy, the world, or just humankind as a whole, and crystals and gemstones can provide us with optimism for the future and a better outlook on everything.

Here are the crystals I have in my collection that seem to give me hope and optimism for the present as well as the future:

  • Jasper – This is a popular stone that comes in varieties of “warm” colors, like orange, red, yellow, and brown. I really like “Golden Bumble bee Jasper” because it really dispels negative, nagging thoughts, making it easier for me to focus on more positive things. However, this specific type of Jasper needs to be handled with care. Ideally, order it polished, and always wash your hands after working with it.


  • Rose Quartz – Since it’s closely related to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz helps to eliminate fear and panic that causes the chest to tighten. We’ve all had moments when we’ve felt fear “strike into the heart”, and for me at least, the best crystal to help deal with that is this one. I feel a sense of relief and Positivity after spending some time meditating with Rose Quartz. It’s really helpful when used in Reiki sessions as well.


  • Sunstone – This is a positive stone in general. I always keep a piece of Sunstone close to me for a constant boost of positive energy and independence. I’ve also found that it’s good for helping me get over nagging, worrisome feelings and thoughts, and focus on the positive things surrounding me.

Other Helpful Crystals


What about your finances? If you’re struggling financially right now and are unable to get back to work, then a crystal that generates abundance and luck might be helpful. Stones that aid in positive thinking are also helpful since positive thoughts often lead to attracting positive things.

Dioptase is a more uncommon stone that many people aren’t familiar with. I’m glad I came across a piece, because I’ve found it to be a very powerful tool in manifesting abundance and prosperity.

Jade is a very well-know stone that has been used for thousands of years. I have a Dark green Jade bracelet that I wear whenever I feel like I am limited by lack of money and resources. Spending a few minutes meditating and chanting the mantra “I will new financial opportunities to come my way” really seems to help with my manifestation efforts.

What about healing and protection against sickness?

This is the question that most people are asking these days. It’s understandable to feel fear, that just going out to buy a few necessities at the grocery store could result in you getting sick, or passing it on to loved ones unknowingly.

In addition to the shielding stones mentioned above (Hematite, Fluorite, etc…), there is Clear Quartz, which is considered to be an all around powerful “master” stone that heals, protects, and amplifies energy. Using it with other stones helps to amplify the abilities and characteristics of those stones.

A Chrysocolla pendant is something I wear whenever I feel tension and need help relaxing. To help clear out anything negative in my Throat and Heart chakras, I use Morganite. It’s also good at helping me feel peaceful.

Lapis Lazuli is a must-have Throat Chakra stone for anyone who has respiratory issues. Since it’s also a communication stone, I use it whenever I need help expressing myself and getting my feelings across to others.


These are some of my favorite crystals, and hopefully at least one of them will help you. Always remember to cleanse your crystals regularly as well – especially those you use on a daily basis.

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