Best Crystals for Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Best Crystals for Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Best Crystals for Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Best Crystals for Tarot & Oracle Card Readings – For Giving and Receiving

There are many benefits to combining crystals and gems with Tarot workings. Whether you’re giving the reading or getting one, crystals always come in handy – not just for the sake of the reading itself, but for the cards. This is much in part due to crystals having the ability to bring cleansing and positive energy to any space. Gems can be used for anything from cleansing Tarot cards to clarifying the meaning behind a reading.

There are some general attributes that many crystals can bring to readings, and some specific attributes depending on the reading for both parties involved.

Here are some tips and gemstone recommendations for Tarot cards and readings:

For Receiving a Psychic Reading


Staying Calm

It’s a good idea to prepare yourself beforehand by meditating with a crystal that will give you a sense of calmness and peace just in case you hear information that you don’t like. As long as you have an honest reader, your reading might not be as positive or as hopeful as you would like. You never know what you might learn. It’s good to go in feeling as calm as possible.

This is sometimes referred to as the “Stone of Peace”, and can be used to ease panic attacks. If you are feeling nervous or anxious about your upcoming reading, keep a piece of this stone in your pocket or wear it as a piece of a jewelry.

This gorgeous mottled light-green stone delivers a calming and soothing feeling. It’s a good stone to hold in your hand during the actual reading to help you stay soothed for the entire ordeal. Amazonite makes a good heart chakra stone as it helps release toxic vibes when placed on the chest the night before the healing.

Clarification and Understanding

Another way to prepare yourself for any kind of psychic reading is to use stones associated with the third eye and crown chakras so that you will be better equipped to make some sense of the results of the reading. What is the meaning behind the information you are given? What are you supposed to do with that information? What path should you go on next?

To ensure that you don’t end up getting confused, here are a few stones that might help you.

This ancient spiritual stone is used for wisdom and enhancing inner vision. When connecting to the higher frequencies of Lapis Lazuli, it helps you to go deep within yourself to awaken your divine purpose. It sheds some light on the meanings associated with your tarot reading.

This is by far the most versatile of all crystals. One of best things to use it for is to help you communicate with your higher self to understand what are you are supposed to do to get from Point A to Point B. It’s a stone to take with you during the reading to open up your third eye and crown chakras so that the information makes sense to you while you are receiving it.


Good communication is essential for any reading in order to ensure that the reader is able to relay the right choice of words to the client, and that the client is able to realize the right questions to ask.

One way to enhance communication is to use gemstones that will clear your throat chakra and remove any blockages that might be keeping you from interacting fully with the reader.

Dark green and light blue stones are usually ideal for energy work for the throat chakra.

This “Stone of Communication” does an excellent job of teaching you how to respond properly in different situations. It helps you speak the truth, ask appropriate questions, and even when it’s wise to hold your tongue. Program a piece of Chrysocalla with the intent to help you ask the right questions during your reading.

The “Stone of Articulation” stimulates the throat chakra and helps you communicate effectively. Your reading will only be truly effective if the person doing the reading understands your point of view and what you are hoping to learn.

Crystals for Tarot / Oracle Card Readers


Crystals and gems can really improve your readings, your ability to understand the meanings behind the cards, and for empowering the cards themselves. Not only should you have certain cards around you in your reading space, but you should have some that will cleanse the cards – not just once, but on a regular basis.

There are many reasons why you will want to cleanse your cards. Perhaps you’ve managed to obtain an old deck and want to start fresh with them. Or maybe your readings have been more negative than they should be.

Even if you have a brand new deck that you purchased from a store, you never know who handled the cards during the packaging process.

Whatever the case may be, combine crystals for banishing negative and static energy with sage incense and meditation or Reiki.

Note: Make sure the crystals themselves are cleansed before using them to cleanse anything else. Place them on each and every card and clear away any negative energy from them individually.

Using Stones for Cleansing and Protection

Black and clear crystals are usually the best options for eliminating negative energy.

This powerful grounding stone does an excellent job of absorbing and dispelling negative energy. It also keeps electromagnetic interference out of the way. Cutting down on the electromagnetic energies in your reading space is a wise thing to do.

One of the most powerful stones, clear quartz can be programmed for just about anything. Program a clear quartz ring or wand with the intention of protecting your Tarot or Oracle deck from any unwanted energies or interference.

This is a double terminated quartz crystal mined in Herkimer County, NY. It is used in focusing spiritual energy during a psychic reading, and for bringing positive energy into your sacred space.

Fluorite is a good stone to have for protecting both the psychic and the cards from negative people and emotions. You never know what kind of people you might have to deal with when giving readings. They themselves might not even realize they are spreading negative energy. Keep fluorite around to protect your sacred space AND yourself.

Strengthening Your Third Eye

You should always keep your third eye chakra open and as powerful as possible. Never stop doing energy work to maintain your psychic abilities and intuition. You also want to protect your third eye (and other chakras) from becoming clouded.

Use the right crystals and stones to enhance and maintain your psychic powers. This way, you’ll be better equipped to understand the meaning behind each card in your readings.

Moonstone is often the first gem to come to mind when many people think of “psychic intuition”. It’s used by card readers, rune readers, scryers, and so forth. One good way to prepare yourself for tarot work is to take moonstone outside the night before a reading and meditating under the moonlight. Visualize the stone drawing in the lunar energies, and then reflecting those energies into your third eye chakra.

This purple gem is definitely a must when it comes to unblocking the brow chakra. Not only does it promote psychic abilities and spiritual awareness, it aids in inner strength and emotional stability. All of these attributes are crucial for successful readings.

Enhancing Clarity for Readings

It is important to have clarity when you are doing readings – especially if you prefer Oracle cards, as they aren’t as straightforward as Tarot decks. How many cards should you choose for the next reading? What sorts of imagery do your Oracle cards convey?

Regardless of which type of cards you prefer, you can always count on crystals to help you with intuition and clarity.

It’s easier to think clearly when there are no pesky emotions in the way. Use this magnetic stone to help you stay clear headed and to trust in your own intuition. Like a magnet, it repels some things (confusion, uncertainty, nervousness, etc...) and attracts some things (commitment, intellect, and visualization).

Note: It’s usually recommended that magnetic jewelry or stones should not be around pregnant women or persons with defibrillators or pacemakers.

This is a good stone for individuals involved in work that involves intuitiveness and conceptual exploration. It will aid you in seeing possibilities with all of your cards and making connections between the right ones. Wear an Azurite ring if you feel that you need a boost of clarity and focus when working with Tarot and/or Oracle cards.

Additional Tips

  • Crystals and card decks can be stored together in the same pouch. Use a crystal such as Black Tourmaline or Magnetite to dispel negative energy.

  • Create a crystal grid for communication and keep it in the middle of the table during readings to help both parties communicate with each other as effectively and easily as possible. The “Flower of Life” grid is a good one to use if you don’t already have your own format. Use crystals such as Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise, and Chrysocolla.

  • Whether you are giving the readings or on the receiving end, it’s always good to stay grounded. You don’t want to get so caught up in the psychic and spiritual realm that you forget where you are at. Take a stone such as Jasper or Obsidian outside with you and spend a few minutes feeling the ground beneath your feet and taking in all of nature around you.


You don’t have to use all of the stones mentioned here in Tarot readings. These are just recommendations on ones you might want to consider. It’s always good to go with your own intuition when using crystals in psychic readings, and for any other purpose.




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