Crystals to Attract Abundance into Life!

Crystals to Attract Abundance into Life!

Crystals to Attract Abundance into Life!

Crystals to Attract Abundance into Life!

If you’re looking for some crystals that can be used to attract more abundance and better future in your life, you’re in the same spot I was in around 10 years ago. The word “abundance” means something different for everybody. It’s not just about having plenty of money. For some people, it’s luck, and for others, it’s success. For me, abundance has always been a combination of things, like having enough money to get by, success, better health, and overall happiness.

After some experimentation, I finally found the crystals that were right for me. It’s important to realize that they won’t perform miracles for you. There is no magic stone that will take you from rags to riches overnight. But they can help you get into the right mindset to be in a better position for attracting more opportunities. I’ve also found that using crystals to align my chakras properly made me feel a lot better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

After my chakras were cleared and better aligned, and I discovered the right stones for me, I learned that nothing and nobody was holding me back other than myself.

I’ll share some of the crystals I’ve had the best luck with to give you an idea of where to get started.

For Attracting Better Health & Overall Wellbeing


One of my favorite crystals for feeling better physically and emotionally is Pink Amethyst. It’s a good crystal to have for healers in general, but it’s especially essential for those hoping to clear up their heart, third eye, and crown chakra.

Here are a couple of ways I use Pink Amethyst for attracting better health and harmony:

  • When I meditate with it, I put a small geode in each hand and connect with the crystals. I feel my crown chakra opening up to allow its energies to come down into my third eye chakra, and then my heart chakra.


  • I always keep a piece of Pink Amethyst at my bedside table to help with good sleep and dreams, and to attract good vibes into my room.

Peridot is another healing stone I like to use, and this one is exceptionally powerful when it comes to letting go of anger and negative energy. It not only ATTRACTS good, positive healing energies, it repels the harmful ones.

Here are a couple of ways I use Peridot for attracting health:

  • I’ve found it to be beneficial for dealing with depression and any other mental or emotional disturbance. Whenever I feel like I’m surrounded by any kind of harmful energies, I grab a piece of this stone, close my eyes, and do breathing techniques to try and calm down. Peridot is also a good stone to have when burning sage incense for cleansing a room.

  • It also seems to help me break negative behaviours and established patterns, and to develop more healthy ones. I seem to be less likely to give in to snack food cravings when I keep Peridot close at hand.

Here are a few other crystals you might want to consider for attracting better health:

Polychrome Jasper is especially great for bringing in an abundance of vitality and strength.

For Attracting Money / Better Finances


While crystals aren’t likely to make you a millionaire overnight (although they just might – you never know), they can still help you attract better financial circumstances into your life. Ever since I started using gemstones in my manifestation efforts, I’ve seen more powerful results come in more quickly.

My personal preference for using gemstones for attracting financial abundance is by creating crystal grids. What are some of the stones I use?

  • Pyrite is always a good choice for any money and business related energy work. Just because it’s known by the nickname “Fool’s Gold” doesn’t mean it’s foolish to use. In fact, it’s a smart one to use for those who run their own businesses. Not only do I find it useful in crystal grids, I always keep a piece of Pyrite near my laptop to help attract new business opportunities.


  • Green Aventurine is another “money stone” that is often used in jewelry. It’s great for attracting better luck overall – not just money.


  • Clear Quartz is one that I ALWAYS use as the center piece of my attraction grids, since it can be programmed with just about any intent, and amplifies the energies and power of all other crystals and stones nearby. As long as you are clear with your intention to attract more abundance, success, money, luck, etc..., you can count on Clear Quartz to really amplify that intention out into the universe.


A few other stones and crystals to consider when attracting money and luck include:

  • Amazonite – For self-discipline. Keep this with you to make better shopping decisions.


  • GarnetFor enhancing creativity – this one is a must for artists and writers who are trying to establish a career.

  • Bloodstone – For eliminating any blockages keeping you from obtaining the wealth and success you deserve.

Speaking of blockages, a common reason for people having trouble attracting money is due to the Root Chakra being unbalanced. Clear it and balance it out with crystals such as Bloodstone, Red Jasper, and Onyx.

Stones for Attracting Happiness & Joy


Happiness” has different meaning for different people. Things that bring me joy might not be the exact same things that bring you joy.

What do you feel is lacking in your life that keeps you from feeling fulfilled? Love? A strong bond with your family? A carefree life? The ability to move on from a past heartbreak? An overwhelming fear of something?

For me, personally, it’s the ability to be my own boss and live a carefree life as possible, combined with the love of my family, and a few other “trivial” things here and there that bring me the most joy. I also love getting opportunities to travel and see new places.

Crystal work really has helped me to achieve these things, and continues to do so. No matter what you are trying to attract for happiness, here are a few gems I really recommend:

  • Ocean Jasper really seems to give me a boost of positivity. It’s known for its ability to release negative feelings, and I’ve found that it helps me better whenever I’m feeling down.


  • Aquamarine is an infamous “travel crystal” that is associated with the sea. I always keep a piece of it with me whenever I travel - for not only protection, but for ensuring that I attract all of the excitement and joy a traveler could want when visiting new places.


  • Ruby Zoisite is a stone that really helps connect the heart and mind together for better harmony. It can be used to attract a healthy, happy relationship. Whether you’re already in a relationship or not, Ruby Zoisite (a combination of Ruby and Green Zoisite) is a must-have stone. It also seems to help me better understand what exactly what my heart needs.


  • Dioptase is a stone for “gratefulness”. It’s common knowledge that feeling gratitude is the key in attracting even more good things to be grateful about. I like holding a piece of Dioptase in my left hand while I write in my gratitude journal. It helps me recognize and appreciate everything that brings me happiness, and I find it easier to attract even more joy.


Additional Tips for Using Abundance Crystals


No matter what you want to attract, and which crystals you are drawn to, here are a few techniques you can use with them to add to the energy work:

  • As I mentioned above, I create crystal grids for money. Make sure you pick at least 7 or 8 stones associated with abundance and wealth. Always have the stones pointed inwards since the idea is to bring abundance to you and your home.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of words. Use affirmations when doing energy work with your crystals. All it takes is a short meditation session / trance work where chanting the affirmation over and over again, while either holding the crystal or wearing it as jewelry. I like using candles also (green candles for attracting money, gold and yellow candles for attracting luck, pink for love and happiness, etc...)

  • Combine crystal grids with vision boards. A lot of people just use online tools to make a vision board. I like to do it the old fashioned way by cutting out of pictures of the things I want to attract from magazines and catalogs and gluing them to a poster board. I place some of my favorite stones on top of the vision board while programming them with the intent of bringing those things to me.

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