Scientifically-Based Theories on How Healing Crystals Work

Scientifically-Based Theories on How Healing Crystals Work

Scientifically-Based Theories on How Healing Crystals Work

Crystal healing is seen as a pseudoscience, simply because it cannot be measured or proven with the scientific method, or with any medical technology that we currently have. For this reason, most medical doctors will not recommend this healing technique for treating physical ailments.

However, this method of healing has been around for a while. While modern science has no way of proving how healing crystals work, and even if they work, people have been working with them and swearing by them since the dawn of time.

Archeological Evidence of Healing Crystals

There is archeological evidence that suggesting that humans have been tapping into the healing powers of crystals since we could walk upright.

The Ancient Sumerians and Egyptians used Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli to help heal the body, sharpen the mind, and to ward off bad vibes and physical illness. It’s possible that they had a type of technology that was sophisticated enough to measure the energy that crystals carry. It’s safe to assume that they were using a combination of intuition and testing their theories, much like modern doctors.

It wasn’t just the ancient empires who used crystals to heal. There is evidence that shows cultures from all over the world and throughout time have been using them as healing tools, and as protective talismans.

Archaeologists in Britain have found small amulets made of Baltic Amber, that were carbon dated to around 30,000 years ago. Jewelry made of Jet has been discovered in gravesites in Switzerland and Belgium that date back to the Paleolithic period. Malachite mines in Sinai, in Egypt have dated back to 4000 BC.

Theories for Crystal Healing in Modern Times

Today, crystal healers use Baltic Amber (a fossilized tree resin) to treat physical pain, as well as soothe mental and emotional stress. Baltic Amber contains succinic acid, which is a natural analgesic.

It has been used in the past to soothe teething babies, but now the recommended way to use it is to simply wear it as a piece of jewelry. The idea is, your skin will heat the amber, causing the succinic acid to absorb into your skin, where it can ease pain, dissolve stress and even strengthen your immune system.

Malachite is a popular stone even now, after all these centuries. On the metaphysical level, it’s used for deep emotional healing and personal transformation. On the physical level, it is said to ease extreme physical pain, and was used to ease the pain of childbirth. Malachite is a powerful healer, which is why it’s usually used in small doses.

The Ancient Egyptians ground Malachite into a powder, and wore the powder as a cosmetic around their eyes. Other than being a beautiful bright green color, it was also believed to prevent inflammation and irritation from the hot desert wind.

Jet is solid black and is well known for being a stone of protection. Modern crystal healers use this crystal to ease the pain from traumatic injuries, migraines and for headaches that keep coming back. As with all black crystals and gems, Jet is also used as a grounding stone, which means it helps to connect us with the calming, healing energies of the earth itself.

Jet is said to absorb negative energies, and filter them out. It’s highly recommended for Empaths -- those who naturally pick up on the energies around them. Bad energy is believed to promote illness in both the physical and auric bodies, so if you want to guard yourself against pain in general, keep a piece of Jet by your side.

The basis of energy healing, is that when there is an energy imbalance in your auric body (your body’s energy field), it will eventually cause illness in the physical body. Once your physical body is sick, it needs to be treated with modern medicine. However, there is no harm in also incorporating crystals into your healing regimen.

Our modern technology has no instruments that can pick up on the high frequency energy of healing crystals. We humans can sense the energy from healing crystals, as long as we decide to start working with them. Crystals do have their own energies, and they have the power to hold energy that you “program” into them. However, it is the power of our subconscious minds and our intent that unlock the power of healing crystals.

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