Sensing Crystal Energy -- How to Choose the Right Crystals for You

Sensing Crystal Energy -- How to Choose the Right Crystals for You

Sensing Crystal Energy -- How to Choose the Right Crystals for You

You may have heard others talking about “feeling” the energy from a crystal. Have you ever felt anything from a crystal before?

Exactly how does one feel the energy of a crystal?

Sensing energy from someone or something isn’t reserved for psychic mediums. Anyone can sense crystal energy! If you’re new to working with crystals for self-care, abundance, happiness, etc., then one thing you should do is learn how to recognize when you are sensing their energy.

Why should you learn how to sense crystal energy?

Because that’s how you find the ones that will help you the most!

Once you’ve opened yourself up to the healing energies of crystals, and you’ve decided to seek their help, certain ones will call out to you.

If you want to work with a certain crystal for a specific intent -- for example, let’s say you go to a crystal shop in search of Pyrite, because they have the special power of manifesting abundance.

Or, if you’re keeping your energy sensing skills open, you will might actually be drawn to a crystal that can help you with cultivating more self-love. In this case, you might feel inexplicably drawn to rose quartz! We could all use more self-love, right? But if you’re in need of more self-love, before you can properly manifest wealth (which is often the case), listen to your intuition!

That crystal is calling to you.

Here are a few tips and tricks for learning how to tell the difference between sensing crystal energy, and already knowing which crystal you need.

Speak Your Intention

If you want to open yourself up to crystal energies, you will need to set an intention.

Make it clear to the Universe that you’re seeking out the crystals that will help you the most in your journey, or whichever ones will work best with your own personal energy.

Speaking out loud works, and so does simply speaking it in your mind.

It’s also helpful to talk to someone you trust, and tell them what you’ve set out to do. It doesn’t matter how you set your intention -- the universe, and your subconscious mind, are listening.


Your sense of sight is usually the first one you should listen to when trying to sense crystal energy. If you walk into a crystal shop, and a certain crystal is the first one you see when you look around, that’s the first signal.

You know how when you’re in a clothing store and your eyes are automatically drawn to a certain piece of clothing, and it seems to “jump off of the shelf” at you? This is because your energy is attracting anything to you that is compatible with it.

Crystals have their own intelligence. They can sense when someone will get the most benefit from them. When your eyes are automatically drawn to a certain crystal, it’s possible that that crystal is calling to you.


Once you’re drawn to a crystal by sight, go over to it and pick it up with your left hand.

Your left hand is the hand that most easily senses outside energy. This is what people tend to talk about the most in regards to feeling crystal energy, because it’s the most shocking sensation. Many people describe it as a faint “buzz” that you can physically feel in your hand!

It’s exciting to feel a small “buzz” or a wave of calm or joy come over you when you pick up a certain crystal. This doesn’t happen with everyone all the time, but it’s definitely is an obvious sign that the crystal wants you to take it home.


Many people in this day and age, especially in Western society, aren’t taught to listen to the signals from their subconscious minds. When we’re more in tune with our subconscious, we have a much better chance of sensing with our intuition, along with our other senses.
If your intuition is strong, and if you’re willing to listen to it, you will have a much easier time with finding the best crystals for you. Trust your first instinct, and learn to tell the difference between “wishful thinking” and your inner knowing.
Do a little research on any crystal that gives you a “buzz”, or any that you are drawn to visually or intuitively. It could be that this crystal holds some power or knowledge that will help you somewhere on your journey. It’s up to you whether or not to listen.


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