Manifesting with Crystal Grids

Manifesting with Crystal Grids

Manifesting with Crystal Grids

Manifesting with Crystal Grids: Creating, Charging, and Setting Your Intention

If you’ve been experimenting with crystals, then take your interest a step further and learn how to actually MANIFEST abundance, love, prosperity, peace, and overall positivity in your life by creating crystal grids.

The perfect geometry within many types of gemstones and crystals makes them ideal energy conduits that are easy to program. Their power can be amplified when placed in a specific grid format, which is an aid to help you communicate your intentions on what you want to manifest.

What, exactly, are crystal grids?

These can be described as an intentional arrangement of crystals and gemstones – usually in a geometric pattern – to create an energy field inside the home or office, for manifestation or attraction. Each mineral in a grid is carefully selected for its properties, and combining multiple minerals to create a “grid” is thought to combine and enhance their energies.

There are useful tools on the internet to help you get started. Just take a look at pre-made layouts and patterns, which are usually printable, to use as a blueprint until you have more experience and feel more confident in your ability to create them on your own.

Take some time to think about what kind of crystal grid you want to create. Some people create them for general reasons, while others are more specific with their intentions. Regardless of what you want to create a grid for, use crystals and gems with qualities associated with that purpose.

Where can you place them?

Before you even begin to create a crystal grid, you first need to find a clear, safe space to place it. First of all, you will want to put in a place where it won’t be disturbed or knocked over. If you have cats or small children in your home, prepare space on a surface that is too high for them to reach, or in a room or closet where you can keep the door locked. The crystal grid does not necessarily have to be in a place where it will always be seen by you or anyone else in your home.

Some people choose to put them on their altars. If possible, try and place it near or around something that represents what it is intended for. For instance, harmony in the workplace - place it either in the workplace somewhere (if possible), or near your front door so you can remind it of its intention of providing you with inner peace and enough strength to get through the day.

For attracting prosperity, keep your wallet or purse near it. Since they generate powerful energy, it might be best not to keep them too close to your bed, as you don't want them to interfere with sleep. Some experts also recommend to NOT place the grids too close to electronics.

Always cleanse the area and the tools before you begin!

You don’t want any lingering negative energy to get in the way of your manifesting. Cleanse the area with the herbal smoke of your choice (sage is always excellent). You can also envision a bright white coming down and enveloping the area and tools.

The crystals themselves should always be individually cleansed of negative energy as well – especially if you’ve used them in other energy work before.

How to Create Effective Crystal Grids

Once again, it is essential that you look over the premade templates and blueprints to get an idea of what a grid will look like. Some popular and simple layouts for beginners include the all-purpose “Flower of Life” symbol as the base, Love Grids, Healing Grids, Four-Sided and Six-Sided Crystal Energy Grids, “Metatron’s Cube”, and so forth.

Now, one thing all grids have in common is that they have a “centerpiece” or “master crystal” of some sort, which can vary depending on your intention. This will be the “generator”. A large piece of crystal quartz is usually placed in the center since it is the highest vibrating stone. For Love Grids, though, you might want to use Roses Quartz as the centerpiece instead.

If you are using crystals with points, and want to create a grid that brings energy to you or your home, have the points facing inwards towards the generator. Likewise, if you want to create a grid that sends energy out to the universe, have the points facing away from the generator.

Some minerals are more specific in how they should be used while others are versatile and can be used for a range of intentions.

A few versatile gemstones include:

  • Moonstone

  • Amethyst

  • Abalone

  • Bloodstone

  • Garnet

  • Jade

  • Carnelian

Note: intuition is very important. Always follow your instincts on which crystals to use and where to place them. If something doesn’t seem right about a particular layout or pattern, just go with your own intuition. However, it’s still ideal that you take the time to learn about different minerals and their properties and uses before attempting anything on your own.

As you get the hang of creating the grids and using them, you can try creating your own by drawing or painting the design on paper, wood, or cloth.

Some practitioners become so adept that they don’t even need to have a visual pattern – they simply lay the crystals and stones out in a pattern that seems right to them by using their knowledge and personal intuition.

Charging and Setting Intentions

Tools and Components

The center stone is an essential communicator, as it acts as a broadcaster of sorts for all of your grid intentions. Always start with it during the charging process.

Some people even use crystal wands or Reiki wands in addition to the generator to help communicate with the grid. However, a wand might not be necessary if you already have some experience with energy work. Your pointer finger could be just as effective.

Those who want to place the grid on their altars will use their athames for the charging.

Charging Methods

Charge each crystal individually, obviously starting with the generator. With your pointer tool (finger, athame, pointer crystal, etc...) touch the generator with your intention in mind. From there, touch each stone in the grid one at a time with the pointer, touch the center crystal again with the pointer, and then touch the next stone, back and forth, until every single gem has been charged.

The order you charge them gems in depends on what you are trying to manifest. Always start inward and work your way outward if you want to put the intention out into the universe, and work your way inward from the outside gems if you want to attract something into your life / home / place of work. If there is only one layer of gems surrounding the center crystal, begin with one positioned in the eastern direction and work around in a circular motion to the South, West, and North (more on this below).

The grid doesn’t just have to consist of the layout with crystals. You can add other visual aids such as pictures associated with, or symbolizing the things you are trying to manifest. Or, you could simply write down your intention on a piece of paper and place it underneath the center crystal (more on this below). If you want to create a grid to help you manifest a romantic partner, make a list of the attributes you would consider ideal in a partner, as well as what a happy, fulfilling relationship would be like for you.

Placing Stones According to the Elements

As mentioned above, the four directions can play a role in crystal grids. One simple, yet effective technique is to align stones in accordance with the element they are most associated with on a grid, and then charge the stones facing towards the East, and work your way to the South, West, and North.

Some people like to use aids such as candles and incense during the creation and charging process.

  • Stones associated with Air should be placed towards the East (Sapphire, Tourmaline, Peridot, Topaz, Rhodonite, Citrine, Carnelian, etc...)

  • Stones associated with Fire should be placed towards the South (Red Garnet, Fire Opal, Fire Agate, Red Jasper, Zircon, and Sardonyx).

  • Stones associated with Water should be placed towards the West (Emerald, Aquamarine, Pearl, Hematite, Coral, and Opal).


  • Stones associated with Earth should be placed towards the North (Quartz, Aventurine, Jadeite, Turquoise, Onyx, Agate, Turquoise, and Cacholong.

Setting Your Intentions

When setting the intention it is especially important to charge the generator first, as mentioned above. Hold it or touch it with the receptive hand. Focus on your intention. Visualize it being sent to the center crystal. It’s okay to even "talk" to it. Switch it to your dominant hand and continue visualizing your intention. Try and connect with it emotionally. Send the energy of your intention to your generator. Just imagine "seeing" the intention or desire going to the grid, coming down into the generator, and spreading through each crystal, one by one.

Visualize the outcome as well, and how you will feel once the grid begins to work as you programmed it to.

Even if you write down your intention on a piece of paper, you’ll still want to speak it out loud or mentally. Always state your intention using only positive words – never negative ones.

For instance, state: “It is my will to be in overall good health, mentally and physically”. DO NOT state anything like “I will not be ill or unhappy”.

Note: Some people opt to hold the generator against their third eye. It is worthwhile to activate your third eye chakra if you haven’t yet done so. There are crystals and stones that help with that as well.

Recharging and Deactivating a Crystal Grid

Even if you choose to place the grid in a place in your home that isn’t accessed often, like the attic or basement, you can’t just leave it there unattended all the time. You’ll need to continue adding energy to it on a regular basis. Some experts recommend repeating the charging method every 24 hours, while others consider once every 3-4 days to be sufficient enough. It really depends on the complexity of the grid and how difficult it may be to obtain that which you are trying to manifest.

Always try and stay as calm as possible when recharging the grid. It may help to do a meditation session first.

How long should you keep it up? If it’s for a long-term, general goal, such as keeping peace and happiness in the home, then keep it up for as long as you wish. However, if it is for a more specific goal, then you’ll want to go through a deactivation process and take it down once you are satisfied with the manifestation results.

What about moving it? It is okay to move a grid, although you’ll want to be very, very careful with it. If any piece gets knocked over or if any stones fall out of place, then just put everything back into place and take a few minutes to recharge it.

How do you deactivate a crystal grid?

The first thing you need to do is to thank each stone individually, and then take them off the grid, one-by-one. Cleanse them just like you did before you created the grid. You’ll have to do a “deprogramming” process for each gem when you no longer need it for the specific reason for which you programmed it in the first place.

While focusing on each individual crystal, hold it in the palm of your hands and say something like “I cancel and clear you of all previous programs and energies now”.

Yes, you can use the same crystals later on in future grids as long as you deprogrammed them and cleansed them properly.


Crystals don’t have to be difficult to work with. Don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the grid templates out there. Just start with a simple one, like a triangle or small circle and use crystals that you feel will be best for the job. It’s okay to have personal favorites and to use gems that you feel drawn to.



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    If I want to manifest wealth where do I point the clear quartz point?
    Is it outwards or inwards towards Centre stone?

    I have clear quartz points (6) pointing outward
    1 Citrin Tower middle
    Been up over a year for some money to increase savings as I am retiring next year. I am strugging to save money due to me reducing working hours to look after grandchildren.

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    Could I leave a Crystal Grid for manifestation of money & wealth and manifestaion of peace & harmony within my family in my bedroom please?

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