Charging Water with Crystals

Charging Water with Crystals

Charging Water with Crystals

Charging Water with Crystals: How to Create Your Own Crystal-Infused Water

More and more people are becoming interested in crystal healing and therapy, so it’s not surprising that some companies are starting to sell crystal-infused water bottles. You can learn to charge water with crystals yourself, as long as you use stones that are safe in water and don’t dissolve, corrode, or contain any mineral that is unfit for human consumption. There are, however, some techniques for charging the water with stones indirectly by placing them around the bottle/jar or on top of the lid.

Once you have an idea of which crystals you can use, you can research the properties of each (if you haven’t yet done so) and select some that have the unique frequencies you need for the particular ailment you need healing for. Some people drink crystal-infused water just to improve their overall health and well-being.

There is no rule that says you have to actually DRINK the water. You can always add the crystal elixir to your bath, or even use the water for your garden.

Which stones should you AVOID? To start with, you’ll want to avoid any crystal that contains lead or copper, such as malachite, azurite, chalcopyrite, galena, Amazonite, mohawkite, or turquoise – just to name a few. Aluminum is also found in some gemstones and should be avoided. These include aquamarine, garnet, labradorite, ruby, sapphire, and any other stone in the “Beryl Group”: bixbite, heliodor, goshenite, emerald, and morganite.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use any of these at all, you just can’t put them directly into the water.

Safe Crystals to Use & Their Purposes

If you’re still unsure which stones you should use, here are a few recommendations:

  • Shungite – for cleansing and detoxifying the body (always clean it very gently with a toothbrush beforehand)


  • Amethyst – helps bring spiritual guidance, balance, and peace into one’s life, and is great for anything related to the third-eye chakra

  • Obsidian – A protective stone that shields against negative energy. It is also truth-enhancing and promotes emotional stability.


  • Lapis Lazuli – helps strengthen your bonds with others, manifests compassion and self-love, and cleanses fear



  • Rose quartz – can help with anything involving the heart chakra, and keeps you calm during stressful times. It also aids in forgiveness and love.


  • Red jasper – for bringing endurance, stamina, energy, and physical and inner strength into your life.

  • Clear quartz – helps clear negative energy out, strengthens the auric field, and for overcoming self-doubt.


  • Citrine – the bright, yellow color of citrine means that it is associated with the sun. Drink citrine water to drive out negativity and darkness. It’s also good for enhancing prosperity and fertility.

  • Carnelian – available in shades of orange, red, and even brown, this stone is known for promoting motivation, endurance, and creativity.


  • Smoky quartz – in shades of brown, this member of the quartz family is associated with home, nature, and stability. It’s a good choice for a grounding stone.

Once again, if you want to use a crystal and you are unsure of whether it would be safe to drink, you can use an indirect method of charging by placing it around the water bottle instead of placing it directly in the water.

It’s generally accepted that most stones in the “quartz” and “citrine” families are safe to directly add to water.

Making Your Own Crystal Infused Water

Here are the steps involved in charging water with crystals:

  • Take the time to rinse the crystal by placing it under running water or gently scrubbing it with a toothbrush. It’s okay to use a bit of soap, just as long as you rinse it all off. You also might want to “cleanse” it by placing it under the sun for several hours. It does not have to be direct sunlight. Once it is clean, take the time to charge it with your intentions. What do you want to use that particular stone for? Which of its properties do you hope to utilize? It’s okay if you want to make full use of all of its properties and the benefits it offers.


  • Experts tend to recommend that you use glass jars with lids. For obvious reasons, it’s always better to use spring water and to avoid tap water. Only use tap water if you have no alternative and cannot get to the store to purchase natural or spring water. It’s debatable whether distilled water should ever be used, with the consensus is that it should NOT.

  • In addition to leaving the glass jar filled with spring water out in the sunlight, leave the stones or crystals you have chosen around it or on the lid. You don’t have to place them inside until after at least three or four hours of sunlight. Those stones that are toxic should not be placed inside at all. Note: those that you DO place inside the bottle should not be kept in there permanently. Keep them inside for a little while (more below) and then take them out. You don’t want to accidentally choke on them!


  • Try to visualize in your mind’s eye bright lights coming from the crystals into the water, through the jar or lid. It helps to meditate for several minutes while doing this. In addition to visualizing the water being charged via bright light, remind the stones of your intentions as well.

  • There is no need to drink the water right away. I like to stick mine in the fridge and let it get cool first, and then remove the stones. By this point, they should have charged the water with the intention you placed upon them. I personally take sips throughout the day. I always try and keep rose quartz-infused water and amethyst-infused water to save for when I have to go to places where I know will be hectic and stressful. I drink a bit before and during the event to stay calm and peaceful.

Additional Tips and Notes for Charging Water with Crystals

  • Whichever stone you choose to use, use a single tumbled stone as opposed to rough stones or clusters. This is because a single, smooth rock is easier to clean than ones with crevices and rough edges. Also, it’s not a good idea to put a rough stone or pointed crystal in the water as they might break or crack in the water, leaving tiny shards that you might overlook and accidentally swallow, even if you take the gem out.


  • You can always use moonlight instead of sunlight to charge the water and stones – especially on nights of a New Moon or Full Moon. Ideally, wait until a New Moon to charge crystal water if your intentions for it are to bring something new into your life. Charging under a full moon is ideal if the intention involves increasing something in your life, such as positive energy or luck. If you can’t wait until a Full or New Moon, then go ahead and do the sunlight method.


  • When setting your intention, you might find it helpful to write it down on a small piece of paper, and then tape that paper to the jar. When I do this, I try to keep the note short and then focus on the details when I meditate. If I am working on an “Abundance Jar”, I write “Increasing Abundance” on the jar with citrine on top of the lid and then spend a few minutes visualizing the energy coming from the citrine into the jar and meditate for a few minutes at the start of the charging process, three hours into the charging process when I place the citrine inside of the jar, and then at the end, right before I bring the jar in.


  • There are a couple of different methods of charging bath water with crystal energy. You can either pour a few drops of the charged water from the bottle into your tub and mix it in with the bathwater, or actually place the stones in the tub with you. You can also hold them in your hands if you wish. Sit and relax for at least 10 minutes, soaking up the energy. State your intention over and over again like a mantra. Don’t forget to take them out before you pull the plug!

  • You can certainly add more than one stone to your water, just as long as they are a good combination together. Carnelian + clear quartz is a good combination to have for work. Carnelian will give you a boost of energy and creativity, and the clear quartz will boost your focus. Lapis lazuli + rose quartz make a good combination for any crystal water elixir intended for finding new love or strengthening a current relationship.

Just a bit more about the indirect method of charging water with crystals and gems: it is not as potent or strong as the direct method. You are going to get a more potent “elixir” or crystal-infused water if you place the stone directly into the water and allow it to charge for a few hours.

However, the indirect method can still be effective if you put enough focus and energy behind the intention. Also, the indirect method allows for more versatility and creativity since there are so many more stones you can choose from.

Crystal-infused water, gem water, elixirs: whatever you want to call them, they are here to stay. You don’t have to spend a fortune buying them. Just take the time to charge your water with the crystals that call out to you.



  • There is a lady in Tennessee that has tumblers/water bottles that the bottle unscrews and you can put crystals in the bottom and it infuses water indirectly.

    Heather Pressey on

  • Actually the pure citrine is a pale-yellow or grayish hue. The bright yellow citrine is actually heat treated amethyst. It’s actually not citrine.

    However, amethyst is an amazing stone!

    Cbc on

  • Hey do you need to drink the water?

    Random on

  • I found your article really helpful and informative. I can now progress to more in-depth facts about the different crystals. Thank you

    Kate Carnegie on

  • Thanks for the information!!

    Kasey Millington on

  • I have read your page on charging water with crystals with great interest. I have invested in a water distiller due to the poor quality of the water in my region & believe this transition to be beneficial though not ideal, so, was disappointed to learn that it is not recommended to use with crystals. Is there anything that I could do to counter this?

    Josephine Parkin on

  • All water purchased at markets has been treated. No market will ever sell untreated water. Many states actually ban the selling of untreated spring water. The labelling of Natural Spring Water by markets is false and unlawfully mislabelled. In actuality it should be labeled at least Ozonated Radiated Spring Water.
    Ozone destroys all the natural and beneficial organic materials in the water that it picked up from the earth. (See Fulvic Acid). Go to Google and search for natural springs in you area. choose a natural spring in the mountains with no human habitation near or above it. Dont let anyone tell you water direct from the rocks a thousand feet underground is unsafe.
    Dr Raymond Schep, Post Doc, UCLA School Of Public Health, Drinking Wate Purification Research Grant 1986 to 1990.

    Dr Raymond Schep on

  • Great information. water is the majority of our body but we never focus much on it. I have been using Alkaline water and Crystal infused water bottles for a few months and the results are amazing. Thanks for sharing this information!

    Garza Gloria on

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