Crystal Healing for Beginners

Crystal Healing for Beginners

Crystal Healing for Beginners

Crystal Healing for Beginners

Crystals have been revered for thousands of years for their mystical and energetic properties. Each type of crystal is considered to have unique characteristics that can be used for specific purposes, including healing. You’ve probably heard claims of their healing powers, but what do you know, if anything, about how they are used for healing the body, mind, and soul?

First of all, crystal healing typically isn’t something that a mainstream doctor would recommend. This is a form of alternative healing that so many people have always turned to – and still do – to help with the healing process of a particular ailment or to enhance their overall health - physically and mentally.

Here is an overview crystal healing for beginners, and some of the methods involved:

Crystals and Chakras

Using crystals to assist in chakra alignment is very common in alternative healing and energy work. If you’re not familiar with chakras, it’s essential to understand that each chakra has its corresponding properties and colors, and when combined with the properties of the right crystal, there is the perfect formula for boosting healing and positive vibrations.

  1. Root Also known as the “base” chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with dark red and emotions such as stability, security, and basic needs. Use crystals and gemstones such as garnet, obsidian, and tiger’s eye to bring balance to the root chakra, and to deal with feelings of instability and insecurity.

  2. Sacral – Since it is located above the pubic bone, this chakra is obviously associated with sexual energy and creativity. Use stones like sunstone and carnelian for a creativity boost, or for promoting sexual health.

  3. Solar Plexus – The navel chakra is responsible for feelings of power and self-esteem. When it is out of order, we may feel powerless, out of control, and have a negative self-image. Golden yellow labradorite, peridot, and citrine are all good choices for working with the third chakra.

  4. Heart Chakra – The heart chakra is obviously extremely important. When it is clogged, there can be both emotional and physical issues. It’s also right in the middle of the other chakras and can interrupt the flow between the lower and upper chakras. Use green and pink stones to help bring healing to the 4th chakra (rose quartz, rhodochrosite, malachite, emerald, etc...).


  1. Throat Chakra – When there are problems with communication, honesty/authenticity, and faith, the throat chakra could be “closed” and in need of opening again, which you can do through alternative healing methods such as using crystals and gemstones. Use ones that are associated with articulation and communication and come in shades of blue like aquamarine, blue lace agate, and turquoise.


  1. Third Eye – The gift of the “third eye” chakra is being able to see both inside ourselves and the outside world around us. It is located right at the brow, in front of the brain. If your 6th chakra isn’t working properly, you might experience problems with perception, intuition, and mental well-being. Crystal healing can help with this, especially if you use stones like amethyst, lapis lazuli, and purple fluorite.


  1. Crown Chakra – Since it is located at the top of the head, the 7th chakra is what helps us access higher states of consciousness. It is what connects the body and mind to the universe. If there is an imbalance in the crown chakra, it becomes difficult to find peace spiritually. There could also potentially be physical problems, such as migraines and sensitivity to light and sound. Like the third eye chakra, amethyst can be used for healing the crown chakra. White stones, such as moonstone and clear quartz, are also ideal.


How to Use the Stones

If you want to use the chakra healing method, order a crystal or gemstone that is appropriate for each chakra. Some experts recommend going ahead and ordering an entire set so that you’ll have them ready just in case you ever need them, but the decision is entirely yours. You could also order a piece of “chakra” jewelry adorned with 7 tiny crystals to help bring balance to all of your chakras.

Note: Before using any crystals, make sure you cleanse it properly (more on that below).

Keep the relevant stone or crystal near the chakra you want to work with. For example, if you want to do some work with your crown chakra, keep a piece of amethyst under your pillow at night. Or, for healing your heart and/or throat charkas, wear a necklace with the appropriate crystal(s).

Meditation is always an essential part of crystal healing, regardless of whether you are performing chakra work. If you’re not used to meditating, don’t worry. The process doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few steps for you to try:

  • First, find a quiet, comfortable spot to either sit or lie down.

  • Hold the crystal or stone between your palms (including jewelry), relax, and set your intentions (“It is my will to heal <whatever ailment or negative emotion you are dealing with> with the energies of this <name of stone>”).

  • Some people choose to close their eyes at this point, and visualize the outcome they are hoping to achieve, and others choose to keep their eyes open and look at the stone in their hands.

  • Always put a focus on your breathing and keep an open mind.

Some people also combine crystal healing with Reiki. Each of these spiritual healing techniques is powerful enough on its own. Using the two together during Reiki healing sessions has the potential for even stronger results.

Cleansing and Programming Crystals

Crystals aren’t just inanimate objects. Gemstones aren’t just “dumb rocks”. Not only do they have internal energy, some of which can be associated with molecular vibrations, but crystals have unique properties and characteristics. Some would even say that they have memories. For this reason, you must first cleanse any stones (including jewelry) before you begin any healing work so that you may begin anew and communicate your intentions to them.

First things first, you can cleanse any negative energies that a crystal might have picked up in the past through various methods. Water isn’t always the best method, depending on the type of crystal. A few that are considered safe to cleanse in water include clear quartz, citrine, agate, red jasper, and tiger’s eye. Always be careful, and never allow them to sit in water for too long.

There is also the direct sunlight method, but like water, not all stones do well under direct sunlight.

The easiest and most convenient methods for most people are the sage method and the “grounding” method.

Sage is excellent for repelling negative energy, so surrounding your stones with sage candles, or setting them in a sacred place with sage incense burning around them might be ideal.

Or, you could simply “bury” the stone in soil and allow it to ground itself for several hours. Go and get it and gently wipe it off with a dry, clean cloth.

How can you “program” crystals?

Simply by holding them in your hands and using affirmations to inform them of your intentions.

A few examples:

  • It is my will that my head is healed and to be relieved of the pain of migraines”.

  • I fully immerse myself in creativity.”

  • All blockages preventing me from living to my fullest potential are eliminated, with the power of this crystal and my own will.”

State these affirmations over and over again while you are meditating with the stone(s). Use candles and incense as well if you feel they will help you enhance the experience.

It’s a good idea to carry them around with you everywhere you go just in case you need a boost of positivity, or simply to hold onto if you are feeling negative emotions or illness.

  • Remember:

When doing work with crystals, your intention should be in harmony with that particular type of crystal in order to work. For example, use bloodstone, garnet (and other red stones) for things like strength and victory, and green crystals for emotional healing, balance, and prosperity. If you are having communication problems at work, or with relatives or friends, it would be ideal to use a blue stone to help you with expression issues.

More About Healing

The easiest way to use the crystals is to have them within your energetic fields, whether you wear them as jewelry or keep them close to your body. However, this isn’t the only way. It’s important to remove them occasionally and cleanse them to get rid of any negative energies they accumulate throughout the day by dealing with negative people, or even from yourself if you are having a bad day. Every time you cleanse your crystal, recharge it again afterwards.

  • Meditation, Reiki, and Prayer

Some healers place stones on their patients’ reclined bodies to balance the aura / chakras. You could try this method by yourself as long as you are careful and place each stone (appropriate for the relevant chakra) in the right area of the body. If you are unable to place the stones on your body, place them in a large circle and lie down inside the circle to meditate.

To fully receive a crystal’s energy during meditation you will need to either lay it on the appropriate part of the body, hold it, or lie within the circle for at least 15 – 20 minutes. Focus on your breathing and either state your positive affirmations and intentions out loud or mentally.

Once again, this method is very helpful when combined with Reiki. If you ever have Reiki healing sessions, make sure to “lay on the stones”, either on your body, or around you, during your future sessions. Or, if you are a Reiki healer yourself, offer crystal healing to your clients.

Lastly, some people feel more comfortable using crystals during prayer, as they believe that the energy contained in the stones may help magnify or attract the vibrations that angels and other positive spirits project.

Use one (or all) of the following stones:

Either place the chosen stone(s) on your altar, or hold them between your palms when praying.

There are also “Worry stones”, which are completely polished, smooth gemstones with an oval shape that are used for prayer, relaxation, and anxiety relief. You might want to look into these as well.

In a “formal” healing session in which crystals are used, the patient will be expected to lie flat, and the healer will place multiple crystals either on each chakra point, or on the floor facing those parts of the body. Sometimes stones will be placed around the hands and feet as well.

Finding Answers and Clarification

Crystals can also be used in helping you find the answers you seek, whether they are related to the physical world or the astral. Perhaps there is an important decision you need to make regarding a personal relationship with someone, or you are in need of career advice. Or, you might want to try and communicate with your spirit guide or guardian angel. Whatever the case may be, state your intention to find those answers or guidance that you seek before you begin meditating or praying with the crystals.

Crystal Healing Bags / Emergency Kits

If you are completely new to crystal healing, you might be feeling confused or overwhelmed with all of the different types of crystals, gemstones, and uses. The fact that many stones have multiple uses can make things even more confusing.

To keep things simple, you can start off with just a few stones and go from there. Order one or two stones of each color that can be used with a corresponding chakra. For instance, order amethyst and purple fluorite for the 3rd eye chakra, aquamarine and turquoise for the throat chakra, rose quartz and jade for the heart chakra (remember: both pink and green stones can assist with opening and healing the heart chakra), and so on.

Note: some stones work better with feminine energies and some work better with male energies.

It’s okay to play favorites when it comes to crystals and gemstones. If there are any that you feel particularly drawn to, for any reason, go ahead and order those first.

Either order pre-made crystal pouches / kits or create your own by purchasing tumbled stones or jewelry. Think of emergency situations during which you might need a boost of positive energy and clear-headedness. Program the relevant crystal to help you get through a particular type of situation.

For instance, if you work in a stressful environment and often experience anxiety, go ahead and prepare a “calming stone” that you can use in situations where your anxiety or stress levels or high. Celestite, amethyst, fluorite, and even black tourmaline can be good for this. When you can, take a couple of minutes to sneak into the bathroom or another quiet place at work, hold it in your hand, and keep repeating an affirmation to stay calm.

Choosing Your Crystals

People choose a certain type of stone for either specific reasons or because that stone “calls” out to them. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both. If you already know which type of ailment or issue that you need healing for, and then choose the appropriate crystal(s) for that issue. Look at pictures to see which, if any, calls out to you. Also, decide whether you would prefer loose stones or jewelry.

The best way to learn more about crystals and their properties is to simply order a few (or an entire set for chakra healing), hold each in your hands and focus on how each one makes you feel. The vibration and energy of certain stones might be a great match for you. It’s still good to have the others around as well, even if they don’t feel particularly strong to you at this particular point in time.

Don’t forget to cleanse all of them anyway, regardless of how you plan to use them.

Now that you have a better understanding of how crystals and gemstones are used in healing and therapy, it’s time to start looking around at jewelry pieces and loose stones to find out what all is available.


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