Healing Crystals, Uses, Benefits, And Most Popular Options

Healing Crystals, Uses, Benefits, And Most Popular Options

Healing Crystals, Uses, Benefits, And Most Popular Options

In recent years, the swell of interest in New Age beliefs, yoga and mindfulness has helped spark a revival for crystal healing. From gemstone-infused facial treatments and massages to water bottles with crystals or perfumes that contain gems - there is no limit when it comes to utilizing crystals for their therapeutic benefits.

Although crystal healing has yet to be scientifically proven, some trace its roots back 6,000 years with the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. As more people become aware of alternative medicines such as crystal healing, resources on this practice have flourished and continue to expand. 

Despite the lack of peer-reviewed studies to validate its effectiveness, crystal healing is largely safe when used in conjunction with traditional treatments. In other words, crystals should not be viewed as a substitute for medical prescriptions, cancer therapies or mental health counseling.

What Are Healing Crystals?

Crystals possess a special physicality that influences how light is refracted, electrical charge and more. Exploring crystal healing acknowledges these qualities with the aim of increasing one's body vibration, electricity and performance. According to Jenelle Kim - an expert in Chinese medicine as well as the creator of JBK Wellness Labs- this phenomenon can also be referred to as "qi" or vital energy which makes up all living things.

Crystal healing is thought to be a double-edged sword, impacting an individual on both vibrational and psychological levels.

Vibrational Medicine

Vibrations can be powerful, there's a lot of new research on the subject now. But the overall theme would suggest that crystal healing can modify a person's physical molecules to match with whatever crystal is being used. This is able to works because crystals have similar wavelengths as humans and thus they vibrate in harmony with us – allowing them to boost our natural recovery process effectively.

As human beings, all of us have the ability to function in either ascending or descending energy levels. This scale has two clear paths, one scale is where love, hope, and enthusiasm reside. On the other end, this is where you find fear, pain, and hatred. Healing crystals normally contain one or more frequencies from the higher end of this energetic range (such as clarity, hope or love) while repelling energies from its lower spectrum like anger, despair and jealousy.

Mindset Medicine

The power of the mind can be tapped into using crystal healing in a way that's even more effective than vibrational energy enhancements. For centuries, spiritualists and writers have seen crystals as signifiers of purity, pleasure, faithfulness and flawlessness. They would employ these stones for motivation, worship or imagination.

Stanford scientists confirm that attitude and outlook can dramatically influence our overall health. Many medical professionals believe crystal healing, which is based on cultivating a mindset of intention through mindfulness meditation, can offer relief from illnesses while also enhancing focus, emotional processing capabilities, reducing stress levels and regulating the nervous system.

How To Use Healing Crystals

Healing crystals offer a multitude of uses, from ornamental to meditation and beyond.

  • Meditation - When you feel your focus waning during a meditation session, simply holding or gazing at an enchanted crystal that holds a mantra, emotion or intention can be highly beneficial in restoring it. Trevisan adds insightfully how crystals also provide us with grounding and stability on the practical level.
  • Wearing - To experience the most powerful healing effects of crystals, many crystal healers suggest wearing them near your skin in some way. Trevisan utilizes this practice when working with clients - placing a crystal on an energy center or chakra to help align their energies and amplify her work.
  • Decor - Many certified holistic practitioners suggest adding crystals to your home decor to “maintain healthy feng shui within your home.”
  • Spa Treatments and Wellness - To promote holistic wellness, many health professionals incorporate crystals into facial treatments, massages and even chiropractic adjustments.


Science-Backed Crystal Healing

Do crystals hold any healing capabilities? Although skeptical at first, if you take a closer look, one might be surprised at what they learn.


Placebo Effect

Despite its stigmatized reputation, the placebo effect is one of the most impressive and recognizable outcomes of crystal therapy. Although it can often obscure research findings, believing in your own healing process has a multitude of potential benefits - both physical and emotional. Mental attitude plays an integral part when working with crystals to heal; by embracing this idea, we are able to unlock our full potential for recovery.

Cross-Cultural Significance

Crystal healing may not be backed by robust, peer-reviewed studies to adequately support its claims; but these practices has an unmistakable cultural legacy. It's based on what is called "Qi principles," it's derived from the universe's connection with both the human mind and body - these traditions have been handed down my lineage for centuries".

The Piezoelectric Effect

The piezoelectric effect is a scientific concept that has been utilized in vibrational medicine. This process can convert mechanical pressure into other forms of energy, like light, electricity or sound and then amplify it to many times its original intensity. It’s an incredibly powerful technology found in things like microchips and batteries – but when applied through crystal healing, this same power is harnessed for the purpose of amplifying the energies within ourselves & our environment!

The Most Common Healing Crystals

From amethyst to obsidian, crystals and stones have been believed for centuries to possess a vast array of properties. If you're looking for the perfect crystal or stone that can address your needs, here are some of the most sought-after options available!

Quartz (Rose and Clear)

Rose quartz is renowned as the gemstone of unconditional love, capable of nurturing and encouraging any form of affection. On the other hand, Clear Quartz has earned its title as 'master healer' for it can purify and balance your chakras while enabling you to access heightened states of consciousness. If you want to manifest or attract more loving energy into your life then both rose quartz or clear crystal are perfect choices!


Amethyst is one of the most popular healing crystals. It's well known for its ability to aide with addictions and disruptive behaviors, as well as enhancing your intuition. It calms rebellious neural signals to restore a sense of calm to your nervous system.


Moonstone helps process change, patterns and inner cycles. It is believed to improve intuition and help the user access their inner wisdom.


Black obsidian is a powerful shield, protecting your aura from any malicious energies. This mirror-like stone also reflects lessons back to us, allowing us to recognize and understand our negative qualities.

How To Choose The Best Healing Crystal For You

For those looking to use crystals for spiritual and energetic healing, Spruill suggests finding a well-credentialed holistic practitioner (digital or in person) that specializes in crystal usage. If this proves difficult, her recommended option is visiting a local crystal shop and doing an emotive visual meditation before choosing the one you feel emotionally linked with.

Where Can I Buy Healing Crystals

You can buy your healing crystals right here at Earth Family Crystals. If you have any questions about healing gemstones, please let us know and we’ll be glad to answer them.

You can check our healing crystals here: https://earthfamilycrystals.com/collections/healing

Crystals can easily be accessed on the internet, in a specialist's office or at crystal stores. Nonetheless, crystals take years of natural development or growth to form and sourcing may be an issue. To ensure you get high-quality crystals without collaborating with environmental destruction, it is important to make sure that wherever you got your stones from provides either a source list or details about their purchasing process so that you can buy confidently.

How To Take Care Of Healing Stones

To unlock the fullest potential of your crystals, it's important to clear them from old energy upon purchase and on a regular basis.

One popular method that can you can try is cleansing them under the light of a full moon. By placing your stones outside during night time of a full moon, you can help get rid of all that unwanted collected energy so they can manage their maximum power. In addition to physically cleaning and ritually purifying your crystal collection for optimal performance!


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