How To Meditate Using Crystals

How To Meditate Using Crystals

How To Meditate Using Crystals

If you've been thinking about crystal meditation, you're not alone. As the popularity of crystals continues to grow, more women and men are meditating with gemstones. And if you're brand new to the world of crystals, you may think that you need a lot of money to get started - but that's not the case at all.

Getting Started With Crystal Meditation

If you are completely new to meditation and crystal meditation then it may be a help to find some guided meditation tracks. You can find a quiet space in your home or wherever you feel most comfortable and choose some of your favorite crystals to start to meditate with. For some people, their meditation space can even be outside of their home for example in their gardens, on their balcony or even in a local national park. It is important that whichever space you choose, you can feel relaxed and focused there.

The best way to practice crystal meditation is to make it a part of your daily routine. Perhaps you can find ten minutes during your regular self-care routine where you can allocate a little time to crystal meditation. By practicing regularly you will find yourself feeling more benefits from the meditation.

How To Prepare Your Crystals For Meditation

When engaging in crystal meditation, it is essential to ensure that the crystals you use have been appropriately prepared. To do so, take time to cleanse them and infuse your energy into the stones prior to beginning your practice.

You can renew your crystals with smoke from an incense, burying them underground with rice, submerging them in water (take caution as some crystals may be harmed if exposed to this element for too long), shining sunlight and moonlight upon them, or try out sound cleansing with music or singing bowls. Note that not all types of stones can withstand a full immersion into water-based solutions; always do your research before preparing crystals.

To amplify your crystals' energy and give them a dose of your positivity, hold the crystal in one or both hands while picturing yourself energetically transferring all of your good vibes into it. Additionally, you can wear the crystals throughout the day till evening to align their vibrations with yours prior to meditation. By doing this, you will create an even greater connection between you and your crystals.

Make Sure You Get Grounded

Before launching into your meditation session, it is beneficial to practice grounding. This does not require a spiritually transcendent experience with bare feet running in nature; the act of being grounded can merely be savoring this present moment instead.

Let go of your past and don't stress over the future--Bring your thoughts to this precise moment, right now. To ground yourself, think through what you can experience with all five senses--hear, see, touch, smell and taste. By doing so you'll become fully present in the here-and-now.

Types Of Crystal Meditation

There's a few different types of crystal meditation that you can use.

Crystal Grids

Have you heard of crystal grids before? They offer a unique approach to experience the healing benefits of crystals during meditation, without requiring multiple stones on your body. To practice this type of meditation through a crystal grid, it's important that you create an appropriate space and designate an area for the setup.

Whether you opt for a cloth or board with an existing grid, or simply feel your way through the layout process based on intuition, ensure that your arrangement is set up directly in front of where you will be meditating. Assemble this sacred space mindfully and consciously, visualizing the meaning behind each crystal placement and feeling into the intention of what this meditation session will bring forth.


If you're familiar with Reiki healing, then you are likely familiar with chakras and the crystals that complement them. Chakras act as energy points throughout your body which can be harnessed to promote recovery - and each of these energetic centers has its own ideal stones.

Unlock the therapeutic properties of crystals and align all your chakras through crystal meditation. All you need to do is arrange every crystal on its corresponding area in a meditative state - however, it's always better if you're guided by someone experienced in this type of healing for maximum benefit!


If you appreciate a soothing soak at the conclusion of your daily routine, why not make it even more special by adding meditation to the mix? Set up an arrangement of crystals near the bathtub and allow yourself to drift off into peacefulness. To further heighten this unique experience, consider setting candles in your bathroom and dropping essential oils into your tub.

Choosing Crystals For Meditation

When selecting the crystals to use in crystal meditation, reflect upon why you desire to meditate. Your selection of crystals may vary depending on if your aim is peace and tranquility or prospering success and love.

  • Garnet: If you need a spiritual reset or are on the path to recovery, garnet is an exquisite crystal for your journey. Plus, if you practice meditation with multiple crystals, garnet makes the perfect base layer - facilitating better energy flow and enhancing the power of other stones.
  • Amethyst: Looking to deepen your slumber, relax, improve blood circulation throughout the body or balance out your chakras? Look no further than this fantastic option.
  • Smoky Quartz: Need to stay focused and present during your meditation practice? Look no further than Smoky Quartz. This crystal is known for its grounding energies, providing you with the necessary protection to remain in the moment.
  • Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is a powerful crystal for reducing stress during meditation and can be used in tandem with other crystals to maximize the positive effects of your practice.
  • Black Tourmaline: This crystal is well known for protection. Other qualities of the tourmaline crystal include reconciliation, compassion, tolerance and friendships.

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