Obsidian Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties, History, And More

Obsidian Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties, History, And More

Obsidian Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties, History, And More

Obsidian, a beautiful volcanic glass formed from the rapid cooling of felsic lava, radiates with its glistening vitreous luster. Its impressive range of colors - black, rainbow, snowflake, gold and mahogany- make it an eye-catching gemstone to behold! Check out our collection of Obsidian here.

Not only does Obsidian have aesthetic beauty but practicality too as its hard and brittle form has made it ideal for tool making since ancient times. Furthermore this marvelous mineral holds symbolic meaning that offers safety and grounding in life's journey.

The Protective Obsidian Crystal

The Obsidian rock, with its volcanic glass and dark hues, serves as a barrier against negative energy and will help keep you feeling rooted to the present. Although some may prefer brighter stones for their visual effect, this stone is equally as compelling - take a closer look at Snowflake Obsidian's milky flecks (very stunning) or be charmed by the Golden Obsidian's dazzling sparkle - obsidian can be a fun crystal to own.

Obsidian exists in an array of shades and textures, meaning that it is able to offer something for everyone. Its deep healing properties are unrivaled - regardless if you opt for the regal rainbow hue or a smooth velvet night shade, Obsidian will always be with you if life knocks you down.

Obsidian is a naturally occurring glass formed from cooled volcanic lava, which has been around since prehistoric times. It was even used for bartering by the ancient Mayans as early as 100 B.C., and its peculiar properties have stood the test of time through eons of human history!

Different Types Of Obsidian Stones

With several Obsidian varieties available, each displaying its own unique hue and texture, choosing the one that's just right for you can be a difficult task. To make your selection process easier, here is an overview of all the varieties of Obsidian to help find the perfect stone for yourself!

Black Obsidian: Black Obsidian, the poster child for Obsidian and just as dark as nightfall itself, is a potent aid to those searching for security, reconnecting with their roots, healing deep-rooted wounds and uncovering the reality behind falsehoods.

Snowflake Obsidian: The majestic Snowflake Obsidian Stone offers a wondrous sight - its dark surface is intricately patterned with white flakes that dance in the light. Known for aiding to break old patterns and habits, this stone emits calming energy which will help ease your anxiousness.

Golden Obsidian: The dazzling glimmer of the Golden Obsidian Stone will captivate you. Commonly known as The Wizard Stone, it is said to spark your third eye and vanquish negative energies so that a higher level of living can be achieved.

Mahogany Obsidian: The sumptuous hues of Mahogany Obsidian radiate an forbidding aura, protecting those who are going through a fragile time. Those seeking shelter from any harm will find solace in the power and strength that Mahogany Obsidian exudes.

Rainbow Obsidian: The captivating rainbow hues of Rainbow Obsidian make it a truly ethereal and poetic stone. It is both grounding and centering, empowering wearers to keep their root chakra in balance. With the mesmerizing colors swirling beneath its surface, Rainbow Obsidian can support you on your spiritual journey with beauty that's simply out of this world!

Healing Properties Of Obsidian

Because of its powerful healing powers, Obsidian was esteemed as more valuable than gold in ancient times. This majestic stone promotes healthy growth, protects you from harm's way and aligns your physical body with the spiritual realm.

Reaching deep into your root chakra – the core power that ensures our well-being, it's believed that Obsidian works to keep both mind and soul connected for ultimate tranquility.

Obsidian is a powerful, protective stone that can help the body stay energized and detoxed. It works wonders to ensure full, healthy circulation throughout your entire body. Not only does it keep your blood flowing optimally; this remarkable gem can also provide you with enhanced energy levels so that you always feel ready for action. Obsidian can be an invaluable aid to those with digestive issues, especially gallbladder problems. Its remarkable properties make it a powerful ally in promoting full heart health and deep tissue healing for greater refreshment and vitality. The Obsidian Stone is here to ensure that you reach your highest potential of wellness!

Zodiac Birthstone

Obsidian does have connections with Zodiac birthstones. An amulet for the zodiac sign of Scorpio, Suited to Sagittarians too

Scorpios, who are notoriously impassioned, pugnacious and fervent individuals ruled by Pluto and Mars - the rulers of battlefields and infernos alike - can find solace in Obsidian. This amazing amulet will help shield them from their tumultuous energy while allowing them to benefit from its advantages. It is a true lifesaver! Obsidian may be intense, but it also uses its reflective quality to provide insight into our innermost selves. It keeps us grounded even as we face the complexities of life that are necessary for true healing. 

If Black Obsidian is too much for you, try Snowflake Obsidian, Gold Sheen Obsidian or Apache Tears - these varieties offer a subtle approach to working with this powerful stone.

Metaphysical Properties

Obsidian stones provide an incredibly powerful connection to the root chakra, one of our most essential and important sources for stability. When it's blocked, we feel out-of-sync with life around us, as though negativity can sneak up at any moment. Thankfully, when you use Obsidian Stone its healing energy flows right where it is needed so that no psychic attack has a chance to take hold; ultimately allowing you to stay grounded in safety and strength.

Mystics and healers have used the reflective power of Obsidian for centuries to access the energy of their third eye chakra. With this, they believed it would offer insight into another world and help develop a deeper understanding of cosmic consciousness. The Black Obsidian Stone is also known for its connection with our solar plexus chakra, helping us unlock new spiritual paths.

The solar plexus is our third chakra and is related to how we think about ourselves; it's where our self-esteem takes shape. When this center is clogged, you might feel lost or insecure in your own skin. Utilize the Obsidian mirror by looking inside yourself and banishing any blockages that limit your possibilities due to fear - ultimately freeing you up so that you can live life at its fullest!

Using Obsidian

You can wear an obsidian bracelet for healing and protection. It’s also a home welcome stone for grounding.

Obsidian is a powerful healing crystal that should be an essential part of everyone's life. Whether you prefer to keep it in your pocket, add it to your altar, or wear Obsidian gemstone jewelry around your wrist - no matter the form - this dark and dreamy mineral will protect you while encouraging truth-telling and self-healing. So if you're interested in embarking on the journey towards personal growth, consider adding some Obsidian into your daily ritual.

Obsidian Jewelry

For the best outcomes, donning Obsidian crystal jewelry is an ideal way to bring this powerful crystal into your life. The healing vibrations of the stone can penetrate straight through any fabric barrier and be absorbed directly by your skin for maximum effect. From a Snowflake Obsidian bracelet to a glimmering Golden Obsidian adornment, you'll constantly have access to its true potential and power when wearing this precious stone.

If you're trying to find a complementing gemstone for your Obsidian Bracelet, then look no further than the protective and healing Hematite. This falling-star like stone is renowned for its grounding capabilities and can ward off negative energy while promoting self-confidence with each step taken.

Cleansing Obsidian Gemstones

  • Must be cleansed with water

  • Charge with moonlight or a singing bowl

As with any energized and fortifying gemstone, it is vital to keep your Obsidian clear of negative energy. Recharging and cleansing the stone regularly will guarantee that its power remains robust and effulgent. Purifying your Obsidian is simple; just run it under water or leave it in moonlight for a gentler yet similar effect (while simultaneously rejuvenating its strength). The alluring nature of this stone allows all elements into its soul, making recharging an easy task.

If you wish to clear away any negative energy that might have built up on your Obsidian stones, a smudging ritual is recommended. The best choice of herb for this purpose would be sage or another strong-scented one. Alternatively, sound can also work wonders; singing bowls and bells both generate powerful vibrations which seem to cleanse and charge the stone effectively.

Last Words On Obsidian Crystals

For those seeking a crystal to help them heal emotionally, Obsidian could be the ideal choice. We can all too often find ourselves living in an illusionary world of falsehoods and blockages that prevent us from being our true self - we want to achieve our full potential. Doing this shadow work is intimidating and exhausting, but with Obsidian you don't need to push yourself beyond your limits; it works gently while still offering profound benefits.

Crystal healing is a powerful tool, and Obsidian stands out among the many varieties. By gently lifting the veil of confusion, it can etch its way into your mind to invite you to step away from chaos and enter an area of stillness and safety; one that resonates with your root chakra. That's why this stone should always be included in any collection used for crystal healing!

Geological Properties

  • Chemical Classification: Volcanic Glass
  • Chemical Formula: SiO2 (silicon dioxide)
  • Chemical Composition: Silicon dioxide (SiO2), with impurities
  • Optical Properties: Isotropic, no birefringence
  • Color: Often dark colored (black, brown, red), sometimes green or blue
  • Luster: Vitreous (glassy)
  • Transparency: Translucent to opaque
  • Formation: Forms from rapidly cooling lava (volcanic glass)
  • Mohs Hardness: 5 - 5.5
  • Specific Gravity: 2.35 - 2.65
  • Refractive Index: 1.48 - 1.51
  • Crystal System: Amorphous, no crystal structure

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