Healing Crystals Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Healing Crystals Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Healing Crystals Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology and Healing Crystals go together beautifully. Refer to both your sun sign and moon signs to find the best crystals for you!


Fiery and fierce, but you also tend to get too caught up in the race, and you need help to calm your mind and body, so you can find inner and outer balance. Red Jasper will both ground you and empower you, and Blue Lace Agate will help soothe your nervous system and help you find your inner calm, so you can continue chase your dreams with renewed energy.


Taurus, you need stability because that is your essence, but sometimes you need a spark of motivation as well. The perfect stone for you is Tiger’s Eye, with its bands of earthy brown and shimmering gold. This will balance your easy-going nature with a drive of ambition to reach your goals, so you don’t become frustrated.


The playful and scattered air sign -- you’re a brilliant thinker and a whiz at anything you put your mind to. Use fluorite to help you focus and synergize yourself, which is what you need to bring your ideas and dreams to life in your own way. Pair it with a piece of hematite. Hematite will keep your feet firmly on the ground and harmonize your active mind and body.


Cancer, your biggest strength and weakness is your need to help others. You can’t help everyone, so you need to establish loving boundaries in order to truly feel at peace. Blue Kyanite is the perfect healing crystal for you. Blue Kyanite creates a powerful protective barrier to negative energy and allows your energy to flow, so you feel both safe and free.


Leo, you are a storyteller with high energy and a flair for excitement. Sometimes your confidence can get out of balance, and you can blind yourself or get lead astray by your need for adventure and self-expression. Labradorite, known as the mystic’s stone, helps cut through illusions and keep you on the path to the truths you seek.


Virgo, your biggest strength and what makes you special can also be your biggest problem. You care so much about all the little details, that you overload yourself sometimes. You know you’re thrown off balance when you feel too anxious or panicky. Allow the soothing and balancing Howlite to bring you back to your center. It will help you slow down and sort out your brilliantly active mind, and diffuse any frustration or any negative energy that is affecting you to the point of anxiety.


Libra, you’re always trying to find balance in every aspect of your life, because you understand deep down how important it is. You’re also a mentally active as well as very loving, and if you get too caught up in the affairs of others, you will easily lose your own inner balance. Sapphire is a stone of wisdom and mental clarity, and it has the power to clear out unwanted thoughts and energy.


Fearless Scorpio is a deep diver of emotions, but you have a tendency to get bogged down in the dark depths. You can’t help the fact that you like to stare into the abyss, so a stone like Apache Tears or Snowflake Obsidian are perfect for you. These black stones with white specks work as protective guardians that release sadness, so that it can be transformed into peaceful happiness.


You are a wild one, Sagittarius, and it’s almost as if the world doesn’t move fast enough for you. If you jump too quick into your next adventure, you can lose track of time and money, which is what gets you into trouble. Allow the different varieties of Jasper to keep you from feeling frustrated or stuck. It will empower your fiery, expansive energy, while also keeping you grounded to the earth, allowing you to find balance.


Capricorn, you feel strongly connected to the earth, but your ambition is unmatched. You tend to overwork yourself to reach your goals, which is not healthy at all. As an earth sign, you are naturally grounded in the physical, logical world, so you need a crystal that will stabilize your spiritual and creative side as well. Celestite has the power to calm your mind and set it free.


A humanitarian sign, Aquarius natives push themselves to the point of exhaustion for the benefit of the greater good. You often feel the need to sacrifice your own pleasure for the pursuit of your lofty ideals and big dreams. Use Rose Quartz to help you cultivate unconditional self-love, which will bring you back to caring for yourself, as well as for others. This will help you find your inner balance and truly empower you.


You have a tendency to get mixed up and scattered in the mundane affairs of daily life, because you feel most at home in the subconscious dream world. When you feel yourself being pulled too hard in either direction, meditate with or wear a piece of Aquamarine to both protect you from unnecessary negativity. It will help you keep swimming peacefully in your emotions, as well as in the everyday world.

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