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Tucson Unboxing! Small, Luminescent Blue Scheelite Stones~ Massive Aura Cleansing Effect ~ Small Raw Pieces

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This Luminescent blue Scheelite is a rare, natural, one location only gemstone found in 1976 (Turkey). Scheelite has a high refractive index.

This Scheelite is very high vibrational!! 

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Throat and Sacral 

Scheelite has a massive aura cleansing effect. Blue Luminescent Scheelite opens, heals and activates the third eye and the crown chakras, as well as the throat and navel chakras. This stone helps to manage emotional and psychic openness, while at the same time stabilizing the highly necessary connection with the planet. This is useful for 5D astral travel as well as shamanic journeys. Luminescent Blue Scheelite connects you with the 5th dimension and reintegrates you in the body, transcending time and space of the 3D grid. This stone is a delightful metaphysical tool to work with, as it allows you to interact more openly with higher dimensional timelines, frequencies and beings. This gorgeous blue stone emits an energy that possess the ability to open our minds, expand our consciousness to new perspectives and ways of being and allows us to see the bigger picture in any situation. 

Choose the stone that calls to you, the weights are listed below:

A- 17 grams

B- 26 grams

C- 34 grams