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Lavish Lavender Purple Mica Lepidolite Sparkling Heart Carvings ~ Large ~ from North Dakota, USA

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This listing is for the ONE of the exact crystals pictured here, hand selected at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show by Kellie. These gorgeous puffy hearts were mined and carved in North Dakota, USA. 

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Chakras: Heart, Third eye and Crown

Lepidolite Mica holds many calming properties. It is thought to amplify energy, protect from negative energy, and ground you to the earth. Additionally, it is believed to reduce stress and balance the body’s energy fields, aiding in quantum healing. Lepidolite is powerful yet soothing protector that aids in emotional balance and stress relief. Associated with the Heart Chakra. Lepidolite offers soothing protection to the wearer with working on self love and comfort to establish healthy flow of comforting light through your quantum heart. Naturally containing lithium, this is a popular stone chosen for easing anxious feelings and for supporting the nervous system.  


Light Purple- 420 grams

Dark Purple- 436 grams