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Opalite and Rose Quartz Glass Cat Carvings

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This listing is for ONE of exact carvings pictured here, available in Opalite and Rose Quartz. It will be hand selected for you with the utmost love and care. Please select which stone material you choose in the material options on this listing. 

Opalite glass is associated with the crown and the third eye chakras.  Although this gorgeous stone/glass is manmade, it can still help with several physical and mental ailments. Opalite is a great tool when working to explore your chakras and to clear and rid your etheric and spirit body of blockages. This is a beneficial stone when working to heighten your sense of self worth and love. Fill your soul with positivity and warmth with the subtle energy of Opalite.

Rose Quartz is the universal stone of LOVE! if you feel that you need to open your heart or heal your heart, this is the crystal you need to use to do it. Rose Quartz does not only purify the heart but all stimulates the flow of love and energy throughout. Promote feelings of love for yourself and for others, conquer feelings of distrust and experience deep inner healing by using this beautiful and gentle stone.


L- 6 cm

W- 5 cm

H- 3.5 cm