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Adorable Ammonite Snail Pendant ~ Sterling Silver ~ Silver Chain Included

$ 111.00 USD
Weight: 12 g

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The spiritual meaning of a snail can be a reminder to come out of your shell. Many of us build protective walls around ourselves because we're afraid of being hurt or shamed. When we do this, we keep others from getting to know the real us, and have trouble forming healthy relationships and living authentically. The Snail totem is here to remind us to keep and open heart and an open mind when building healthy and meaningful relationships and to remain grounded.

Ammonites are one of the very few meditation trinkets that contain ancient life force energy capable of being channeled into the present day. Much like Petrified Wood and Orthoceras, Ammonites were alive and well during a much different world than what we see today.

This listing is for the exact pendant pictured here, and includes a silver chain.


L- 4 cm

W- 3 cm

H- 1 cm