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Here is your FREE sacred geometry crystal grid download:
To use this crystal grid:
Step One: Set up your sacred space with your sacred geometry crystal grid being the center-point of your space.
Step Two: Choose your crystals keeping in mind the individual crystals properties and what your intentions are, but you can also work with whatever you have on hand. 
Step Three: Cleanse/charge your crystals and space using whatever method you feel most comfortable with (Smudging, using reiki, etc.)
Step Four: Take a moment to sit within your space with your crystals. Put thought into the intentions you would like set in your crystal grid.
Step Five: Arrange your crystals on the sacred geometry crystal grid. Some prefer to start from the outside and work inwards, while others like to start from the middle and work outwards. Allow your intuition to guide your placement.
Step Six: Lastly, you will need to activate your grid. You can do this by simply connecting each crystal with your pointer finger as if you’re energetically connecting dots. A clear quartz point works well for this too. 
That’s it! Now allow your crystal grid to manifest your intentions. You can leave your grid up for as long or as short as you see fit and you can do a new crystal grid at any time.
We hope you enjoy using your sacred geometry crystal grid! Please check our shop to add to your own crystal collection.