Serpentine Crystal Meaning


Green Serpentine Stones And Crystals

Looking to learn more about the serpentine crystal, properties, and meanings? If so, you've found the right place, we'll be discussing what serpentine looks like and some other interesting facts.

What Does Green Serpentine Crystals Look Like?

This rock usually has a slippery feel to it, feels like it has a wax like surface. It's often shiny and granular. Serpentine is a softer stone, it only rates 3-5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

What Is Serpentine Stone?

"Serpentine" is not a single rock, rather, it's a collection of rocks that contains a majority of serpentine minerals - hence the serpentine name. The green serpentine stone contains cobalt and chromium, these help it produce the beautiful green colors. 

How Do Serpentine Crystals Form?

Serpentine minerals are formed through hydrothermal metamorphism of peridotite, dunite, and other ultramafic rocks. Although these types of rocks are uncommon on Earth's surface, they can be found in abundance at the oceanic moho, which is the boundary between the underlying mantle and the oceanic crust.

Serpentine Crystal Meanings

Serpentine is believed to have several healing properties. It's thought to have the ability to heal past wounds, also releasing blocked energy within your heart chakra. Using green serpentine in meditation is thought to give you a stronger spiritual connection, also helping with self-discovery.

More Green Serpentine Facts

  • Locations: United States, Canada, Russia, Switerland

  • Charkra: Heart (Earth Element)