The Top 10 Healing Crystals (That Healers Swear By)

The Top 10 Healing Crystals (That Healers Swear By)

The Top 10 Healing Crystals (That Healers Swear By)

There are so many beautiful crystals out there, but which one/s should you be getting? Which ones are going to help you the most? Many people shopping for healing crystals have a lot of questions, including which ones will give you the most “bang for your buck”.

We hear you, and we have the answers to these urgent questions. Healing crystals are a very effective tool in facilitating healing on both the physical and spiritual levels. The following ten crystals are the most popular among the crystal healers of the world. They’re also legendary, having been used since ancient times.

Here is your essential healing crystals shopping list...

Clear Quartz

No essential healing crystals collection is complete without some clear quartz. Clear quartz crystal is highly effective at clearing out unwanted energy. It also has the superpower of adding more energy to the other crystals around it, especially in a grid formation. Their main function is to keep the flow of energy moving, in accordance with your intent. They’re like little batteries that hold whatever you put into them, energetically speaking!


Prosperity and abundance, as well as self-confidence. This is the crystal for those who are in search of their fortune. Keep a citrine in a jar with some money to help you attract even more prosperity. This is the stone of salesmen, because it allows you to gather and hold as much self-confidence as possible, which is necessary if you’re going to try to sell anything. It’s other magical power? It never needs to be cleansed!

Rose Quartz

You might have heard rose quartz referred to as “the stone of love”, and this is true. However, it’s not just a stone to help you find romantic love, it’s the stone of all sorts of love! The kind of love that rose quartz attracts is the unconditional kind, and it does a wonderful job of healing the heart chakra. These are perfect to give as gifts to anyone you care about. It embodies generosity, gentleness and true love. Wear it to immerse yourself in love, so you can attract more of it.


The stone of spirituality and the higher self. It’s great for the upper chakras that connect us with the divine, and to our own intuition. It helps teach you to be more honest with yourself, so you can find your true calling. It’s also a legendary stone for helping to overcome addiction. Amethyst is also well-known for staving off hangovers! In general, this stone will assist you with any deep, inner work that you need to do to heal.

Tiger eye

Tiger eye is popular for a few reasons. For one, it’s appearance is gorgeous and unique in all its shimmering, banded glory. It’s also an effective stone to help you feel grounded and present in the physical world. As a result of being a great grounding stone, it also has the power to teach you how to believe in yourself, with confidence and courage. The eye of the tiger is grounded in reality, but it can also help you shine like the star that you really are.


Another legendary stone with numerous uses. Malachite was a favorite of the Ancient Egyptians for its healing and pain relieving properties. They ground it into a powder and wore it as makeup, and even used it to help ease the pain of childbirth. It’s also referred to as “the stone of transformation” because it’s so immensely powerful for clearing the body for healing. Should be used in small doses, unless you want your whole world turned upside down.


Hematite chases away all the unwanted energy and helps to weaken and dissolve physical pain. This is another powerful grounding stone, being linked with the root chakra and the flow of blood throughout the body. It will help you strengthen your bond with the earth, as well as with your physical body, which makes it easier for your body to heal on all levels. It’s perfect for helping with worry and anxiety for this reason.

Black Tourmaline

Also known as Schorl, Black Tourmaline is grounding, but it’s also incredibly protective. All the black stones are great for protection from both physical and psychic attacks, but Black Tourmaline has the power to block out and diffuse unwanted energetic and electromagnetic “smog” in your environment, as well as help you center and calm yourself so you can find clarity. Wear a small piece of Black Tourmaline to help you stay on course.


If you need courageous energy and some motivational fire in your life, wear or meditate with a Carnelian stone! It’s translucent, reddish-orange color represents the fire of our inner passion and vitality in physical form. It will help you find and bring forth your inner unshakable confidence, in a delightful way. It’s a stone of laughter, going by the old adage that laughter is the best medicine. It helps to balance the lower chakras, our connections to the pleasures of the physical world.


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