Spotlight Crystal Of The Week (March 19-25)

Spotlight Crystal Of The Week (March 19-25)

Spotlight Crystal Of The Week (March 19-25)



When I first spotted these uniquely formed grape agate crystals I felt instantly drawn to them. The energy is very sweet but also intense at the same time. Each piece has a unique feature about it. Some have perfect botryoidal patterns while others have shimmery druzy & caves. They come in such a lovely range of colors from Green to Deep purple. The gentleman I source ours from goes all the way to Indonesia to mine them ethically, and makes sure to find some of the most unique pieces for us.


Grape Agate is a fairly new discovery coming from Indonesia which is actually a chalcedony crystal. They carry with them an energy of spiritual growth and wisdom & emanate the violet ray, which unites the etheric, astral, emotional, mental & physical bodies in their intended harmony.

Grape Agate is a perfect crystal for those who are drawn to the arts to assist in connecting with any inner inspiration that may feel lost or stagnant. If your feeling stuck about a direction to go in life- personally or professionally, these stones work great in helping you find purpose & clarity.

We are so excited to be offering these one of a kind Grape Agate clusters in shades of Multi Colored to purple clusters in various sizes. You can find our current selection at

Crystal Blessings,

Sabrina V & Ross W

Earth Family Crystals

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