All About Ammolite

All About Ammolite

All About Ammolite

Ammolite is a stone with a rich history and incredible benefits. There are so many interesting facts to know about Ammolite that adds to the beauty of the stone. The kaleidoscope-like properties of the stones that can come in various shapes and sizes can be compared to Black Opal. Ammolite is one of the few organic gemstones, and it is created from fossilized shells of ammonite. Other gemstones like Ammolite are Pearl and Amber

When the shells are fossilized, they are mostly made of Aragonite, which is what gives Ammolite its iridescent sheen. 

In 1981, Ammolite was officially commercially mined and awarded gemstone status by The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). Ammolite specimens that are of gem quality are found in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada, along the Bearpaw Geological Formation. 

Ammolite’s Appearance

Ammolite has a shell-like layer that has an array of beautiful colours, and it’s quite thin, and it’s attached to a piece of shale or siderite. That is why double-sided flash Ammolite’s are extremely rare. Only rare specimens are strong enough to be cut into jewellery without stabilization. 

You can find Ammolite gemstones in almost infinite colour combinations and various spectrums. They are stunning to look at, and many crystal collectors love to admire their dimensional shades. Common colours of Ammolite include red, green, blue, and purple, whereas more rare shades are gold, violet, and crimson. These three shades are among the highest in demand. 

The History of Ammolite

The Indigenous people of Canada have known about the incredible Ammonite fossils for centuries. The Blackfoot people called the fossils “Iniskim,” which means buffalo stone and used them as talismans. Our earliest known records from the Canadian Geological Survey first came across Ammonite Shells in 1908, but they were not exhibited until 1962. These Ammonites were cut and featured in jewellery pieces in a gem show in Nanton, Alberta. Five years later, a rock shop owner in Calgary, Alberta named Marcel Charbonneau started assembling the iridescent Ammonite shells on a matrix with Clear Quartz and called them Ammolite. The creation exploded in popularity, and it was later officially recognized as a gemstone; in 2004, it became the official gemstone of the Province of Alberta. 

Two prominent companies work in the Ammolite mines in the Bearpaw Formation, and they are the only companies that mine gemstone quality Ammolite. Scientists and researchers aren’t entirely sure what the size of the gemstone resources are in the province, and the long-term availability of the gem is uncertain.

The Benefits of Ammolite

If you’re into Feng Shui, Ammolite is considered a powerful element of the practice. Due to the origin of the stone and the belief that it has absorbed many cosmic energies, it’s thought to be very powerful in nature. You may have heard it be referred to as the “Seven Colour Prosperity Stone.” In Feng Shui, the seven colours of the stone represent a different power. 

As a truly rare gem that is sought-after worldwide, Ammolite is a favourite of crystal lovers everywhere. It’s composed of Aragonite, Calcite, Pyrite, Silica, and other minerals. The shell can contain Maganese, Iron, Barium, Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Chromium, Strontium, Titanium, and Vanadium. The stone has a score of 3.5 to 4.0 on the Mohs scale for natural hardness. 

Ammolite provides some benefits that may be helpful to many individuals. The stone is often associated with wisdom, knowledge, and perfection. Ammolite may help you reach a more profound knowledge and become wiser over time. 

Since this stone is believed to hold energy and vibrations of the universe, it may be a powerful tool for crystal healers, Feng Shui teachers, and those looking to embark on a spiritual journey. 

Ammolites tend to affect each user differently, and some stones can have different benefits depending on the number of minerals included in the specimen. These gems may be able to help you achieve harmony within your body and with your environment on both a physical and spiritual level. 

The stone is considered to be quite protective while potentially allowing you to better understand the universe, creation, and evolution and the shifts that accompany those concepts. 

Ammolite may be able to help balance and improve the root chakra, which is considered the place where you can channel your energies and tune them to achieve balance. The stone may also help to improve your luck, as it is known to be prosperous and bring fortune to those who use it. 

If you practice meditation, try adding Ammolite into your practice. You may find that you’re reaching a deeper meditative state when including this stone. Along with meditation, you may also find that Ammolite improves your manifestation skills and provide you with prophetic dreams. The stone may help you get through tough times in your life, work through trauma, or help you tackle any challenge, big or small. 

Earth Family Crystals Ammolite Tips

When purchasing an Ammolite to add to your collection, you want to follow these tips: 

  • Choose a specimen with vivid colours
  • Choose a specimen that has an intense iridescence 
  • Opt for a specimen with beautiful patterns that you love that has minimal inclusions or fractures

If you’re ready to find a brand new Ammolite to add to your collection, check out our beautiful collection of specimens on Earth Family Crystals. When you support our small business, you will be supporting the environment because we plant a tree with every order. Your order will be packaged and sent with the care that only a small business can deliver on.

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