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RARE FIND Deep Smoky Black Elestial Amethyst Root Crystals from Uruguay ~ Dragon Tooth Amethyst Points

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Weight: 70 g

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These deep, dark smoky amethyst points from Uruguay were an incredible find at the Tucson Rock and Gem show hand selected by Kellie. This listing is for ONE of the crystals pictured here. If you would like to make a request, leave a note during check out. 

Chakras: All, Etheric (8-11) , Third Eye, Crown and Root especially. 

Amethyst is useful to promote spiritual protection and purification for connection to the divine. It will also help to clear addictions and align with the third eye and crown chakras, as well as etheric chakras eight through fourteen. Feel a bubble of light when you place it around you to create a clear energy field free from negative influence and ties. It pairs well with Moldavite when used together.

Smoky Quartz is an incredible crystal that carries all of the same qualities as clear quartz, plus an entire set of its own! Smoky Quartz works as a stabilizing and grounding crystal, transforming negative or unhelpful thoughts into new ideas and clear thought patterns. Smoky Quartz is a detoxifying crystal, subtly working on your energy body and your physical body. Bring emotional balance and a reduce fear and anxiety to help align you with your true path by carrying or meditating with this wonderful crystal. 

Size: Approx. of each:

7 cm x 4 cm 

between 30-50 grams each