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Orgonite Pyramid (Extra Small) ~Handcrafted and loaded with metals and crystals~ Great for EMF protection and Gifting

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Weight: 25 g

These small but mighty pyramid orgonites can be placed in any environment that needs harmonious transformation including homes, workplace, businesses, nature, etc.  Although these are small, they are packed with power.  They are super cute!   

These pyramids are hand crafted and each one is infused with different crystals and metals to block EMF and transmutes negative energy. Choose the Orgonite that you are drawn to. Every living being reaps benefits from Orgonite energy! 

This listing is for 1 extra small pyramid that will be hand selected with love and care. Each one is .75" x .75" in size.  

Thank you for supporting this mission, the Earth Family Crystals team is so excited and joyful to make these and bring them to the website! <3