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Set of 2 Double Terminated Faden Quartz Specimens

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This listing is for a set of 2 Faden Quartz similar to what is pictured. These will be hand selected for you with the utmost care & consideration. 

 Faden Quartz can easily be programmed and should be thoroughly cleansed of all previous programs when first received. If one is feeling weak or ill, Faden Quartz is said to fill holes in the aura and the etheric body. Faden Quartz is a strong healing crystal, helping wherever there are disconnections involved, such as in cases of broken bones, torn ligaments, or any time there is a severing of parts. Energetically, Faden Quartz will make the connections, allowing for healing to commence. This crystal is also a great aid for those who are seeking Truth and it has been used for telepathic activities.

Dimensions Approximately per stone:

Length- 3.5 cm

Width- 1.4 cm

Height- 1.0 cm