Vibrant Orange Red & Green Flashes Alberta Ammolite Cabochon

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Ammolite is an opal-like organic gemstone found primarily along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains of North America, mostly in Alberta. It is made of the fossilized shells of Ammonites, which in turn are composed primarily of aragonite, the same mineral contained in nacre, with a micro-structure inherited from the shell. Ammolite brings abundance, good luck, prosperity & attracts miracles into ones life. Ammolite help awaken ones awareness of evolutionary shifts in consciousness, in oneself and in the world in general. Ammolite is one of the key crystals on Earth today that you can work with in order to be a conscious and active leader of this massive shifting. It specifically assists in the activation of all physical and etheric DNA strands, awakening the ‘perfect’ human state within you. Through your own personal empowerment, Ammolite converts negative energy into positive, healing vibrations, deepens meditations, increases general health. They also attribute different influences to the many colors displayed by individual stones, affecting each wearer differently.


Length – 3.4 cm

Width – 1.5 cm

Height – 0.5 cm

Weight : 6 grams