RARE UV Reactive Hyalite Opal and Black Quartz, Terminated A+ Grade Black Tourmaline from ERONGO MOUNTAIN, ERONGO REGION, NAMIBIA

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Weight: 620 g

~ A Tucson Treasure! ~

This Collector's Quality Black Tourmaline (Schorl) from Erongo Mountain in Namibia has a place on your shelf of favorites! Incredibly grounding, famously lustrous Black Tourmaline from this region has amazing terminations. The specimen was mined and purchased directly from artisanal miners in Namibia. 

A Very gorgeous specimen that is caked with Hyalite Opal (for connecting with the upper chakras and the solar star chakra) and deep smoky gemmy quartz. 

Experience the benefits of this rare crystal from Erongo Mountain.

weight: 550 grams