TANGERINE QUARTZ POINT PENDANT In Sterling Silver (Includes Silver Chain)

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Wearing Tangerine Quartz can help you get past the apparent "chaos" of the world, allowing you to recognize instead the underlying order inherent in the universe. This in turn, can raise your vibration to a more positive one, and make your interactions with others more enjoyable and productive. Tangerine Quartz activates and balances the sacral chakra & leads one to a more positive vibration in life. Tangerine quartz is sometimes used to enhance sexuality and creativity. Tangerine quartz is the perfect healing stone after trauma or shock. It is also used in past life healing and is beneficial in situations where one feels a need to make up for past damages done.


**DIMENSIONS Including Bail:

Length 4.6 cm

Width 1.4 cm

Height .8 cm

Weight : 5 grams