Stunning Flashes Boulder Opal Cabochon From Queensland, Australia

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Boulder opal is found embedded in large boulders of ironstone, which is how it earned its name. Occurring as pebble rock, precious opal develops within thin veins, fissures and hollows. As opal miners attempt to remove the embedded opal from the ironstone, some of the host matrix is preserved during the process. For this reason, boulder opal is sometimes referred to as Opal in matrix. The ironstone matrix enhances the stones durability and vibrancy of color, often increasing the desirable effects of 'play of color' and 'opalescence', which are two different optical phenomenon, commonly mistaken for being one and the same. Boulder opal is similar to layered Opal Doublet, but rather than being assembled, boulder opal's layering is a natural occurrence.

On a Metaphysical Level Boulder Opal represents purity and intensity. It assists in emotional and mental balance, calms the inner soul & Facilitates actualization. This is the perfect stone for progress, expansion, and development. It Helps one connect the conscious and subconscious, providing for a clearing understanding of oneself. Boulder Opal Facilitates communication between the Earth plane and the star people of this world and other worlds. It Clears and brightens the aura, stimulates healing & has been used to access spiritual guides and animal guides.

Dimensions :

Length – 3.0 cm

Width – 2.5 cm

Height – 0.5 cm

Weight : 6 grams