Silky Blue Glow Pietersite Gemstone Pendant In Sterling Silver (Includes Silver Chain)

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The great beauty & essence of Storm is captured in Pietersite, with it's brilliant flashes of golden light amid churning clouds of deepest blue. It's Known as the Tempest Stone, its highly charged energy is almost tangible. Just as lightning clears the air and makes all things new, Pietersite discharges negative energies and emotional turmoil, and cleanses the aura, restoring it to calm.

Pietersite provides a unified activation of the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, as well as the Third Eye, creating a powerful increase in the energy of personal will and intuitive abilities. Pietersite helps ground the body's physical energy centres, not to the earth, but to etheric realms. This rare ability increases the focus of one's aim in life, enhances meditation, visionary and telepathic powers, and allows spiritual journeying and access to the Akashic Records.

Dimensions Including Bail :

Length – 3.2 cm

Width – 1.7 cm

Height – 0.7 cm

Weight : 4 grams