Royal Blue TITANIUM QUARTZ & Midnight Blue Goldstone Handmade Energy Pendant (Includes cotton cord)

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This handmade pendant features Royal Blue Titanium Quartz & Goldstone accent stone hand wrapped in clay. It includes an adjustable cotton cord.

The sparkles of Blue Goldstone are symbolic of the light that can always be found in the darkness, and its resemblance to the night sky will remind you to reach for the stars. 

Titanium quartz will activate and enhance our mental abilities making us more confident, self aware and focused. It brings humor and relaxation into ones life. Energetically, the titanium quartz projects strength and physical power into it's wearer. It helps a person enjoy life with increased life force and vitality. Will Activate the rainbow body!


Length-6.8 cm

Width-1.8 cm

Height-1.9 cm

Weight : 15 grams