Record Keepers Galore! Healing Pink Nirvana Ice Quartz Specimen From The Himalayas

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Record-Keeper crystals have a very unique energy and can be identified by the appearance of raised or sunken “record-keeper” triangles on the faces of the crystal. These record keeper triangles can be used to access information that’s been stored within the crystal. Nirvana Quartz is a variety of quartz that was only discovered in 2006 when the Himalayan glaciers began to recede due to global warming. This type of crystal is also known as ice quartz, as many of the pieces have strange shaped forms and resemble pieces of ice. These crystals lay under the glacial ice on the Himalayan mountains in northern India, until the ice melted and they were exposed for the first time in thousands of years. Nirvana Quartz crystals have not grown in a normal way, as they had other crystals growing with them, including calcite, fluorite and anhydrite. These minerals later slipped away, and left the strange shapes found in many of the crystals. They are very high vibration crystals with strong metaphysical properties which help you to move towards that state that is known as enlightenment. Using them may help your spiritual awakening, as they have a powerful crystal energy that is easily felt within the higher chakras. It is said at this time you reach a state of enlightenment and achieve a new level of existence known as Nirvana. Nirvana Quartz crystals help you to gain an awareness of your spiritual destiny, and aid you to confirm, trust and accept your soul self. This may help you to distinguish more clearly between reality and imagination, allowing you to discover whether what you experience, feel or believe, is really true, and to recognize if your beliefs are truth or wishful thinking.


Length – 6.2 cm

Width – 4.5 cm

Height – 3.6 cm

Weight : 104 grams