Rare Mini Raw Purple Sugilite Specimen

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Sugilite is known as one of the love stones of the earth. A relatively new discovery and a stone of the violet ray, Sugilite has been called the 'Premier Love Stone' by Crystal Bible author, Judy Hall. A natural aid to physical and emotional healing, it also dispels negativity and anger, creating harmony and opening one to spiritual growth and facilitating a new, profound experience of love. Sugilite is a major spiritual stone, promoting individual as well as universal love. Sugilite is said to help with understanding the 'big questions' in life. Especially helpful for those who feel alienated and alone, Sugilite helps the user to understand the purpose for their existence. Known as 'The Healer’s Stone', Sugilite is said to enhance one’s healing and psychic abilities.

Dimensions :

Length - 2.2 cm

Width- 1.8 cm

Height - 1.0 cm

Weight : 7 grams