Rare Collectors Specimen! BENITOITE & NEPTUNITE On NATROLITE Specimen From Little Whimsy Mine, California

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Benitoite Fluoresces under short wave ultraviolet light, appearing bright blue to bluish white in color. Benitoite is a rare mineral found in only one place on this planet , San Benito, California, USA. It's color varies from light to dark blue and most specimens are quite small. Benitoite is used for channeling angelic guidance, and to enhance psychic ability.

Neptunite is a potassium sodium lithium iron manganese titanium mineral. It is a rare crystal, usually found embedded in white Natrolite. Neptunite crystals are pleochroic  and give off flashes of deep red from the black crystals. Neptunite crystals are highly collectible. Neptunite dissolves judgements and self criticism. It helps us embrace fortitude and build courage in times of trouble. Neptunite aligns the base and sacral chakra. Neptunite supports action in achieving personal goals, and resolving problems. 



 Length - 4.3 cm

 Width - 3.5 cm

 Height - 1.3 cm

Weight : 14 grams