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Custom Crafted~Uvarovite Garnet, Faceted White Topaz, Freshwater Pearl Pendant In Sterling Silver (Includes Silver Chain)

Uvarovite is emerald green in color & is the only consistently green Garnet. It forms in small, uniform crystals and is rare, most often found in its druzy form, a natural surface coating of tiny sparkling crystals covering a rock, sometimes made into beautiful jewelry. It promotes prosperity and wealth, and assists one in learning to joyfully accept what is offered by the Universe. It stimulates the Heart Chakra and enhances spiritual relationships. This is a calm and peaceful stone.

White Topaz can assist one in a quest for enlightenment & can help one to find the right path. Topaz can help instill confidence and faith in endeavours In meditation it brings through the energy of peace, joy and unselfishness. This energy means that when you ask to manifest things into your life, you may be assisted to be unselfish in your motives. This is of course a personal choice as spirit always allows us free will to choose what we do. If your intentions are good, it will bring assistance for you to manifest good fortune, including improved health and happiness as well as money.

Dimensions Including Bail :

Length – 5.0 cm

Width – 3.0 cm

Height – 0.8 cm

Weight : 16 grams