Peacock Ore (Bornite) Raw Chunky Specimen #3

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The colours of Peacock Ore grow naturally in a very thin layer on the top of the rock matrix. Peacock Ore also known as Bornite - it's a copper iron sulfide mineral commonly found in hydrothermal veins and contact metamorphic rocks which can tarnish to iridescent shades of blue, purple, green and gold.

Peacock Ore is known as a stone of happiness & upliftment. Peacock Ore is said to bring about the ability to see and appreciate the joy available in every moment, as well as feelings of acceptance that all is exactly as it should be.

**(Make sure to wash hands well after handling this crystal)**


Length- 5.6 cm

Width- 3.5 cm

Height- 3.0 cm

Weight : 135 grams

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