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Incredible Star Ametrine Spirit Quartz With Record Keepers & Phantom ~Locality: S.Africa

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Weight: 77 g

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This specimen is very unique when you look at it from the top there is a natural star shape. This specimen also has record keepers and a phantom. With a combo of Amethyst & Citrine. 

Ametrine Spirit quartz combines the energies of Amethyst & Citrine into one powerful crystal naturally. Ametrine's duality of Amethyst & Citrine makes it a powerful companion for creative, healing and psychic workings. Ametrine's energies are said to stimulate the intellect and rid the aura of negative energy. It is extremely effective in opening psychic doorways in the astral plane. It will provide protection as you journey through these unfamiliar landscapes, and light your way back to familiar ground

Length- 5.2 cm
Width- 4.0 cm
Height- 3.8 cm