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Incredible XL Frosty Green Garnierite Free Form Display Specimen~Perfect for Crystal Alters!

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Weight: 939 g

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Garnierite stones swirling variations of color are mesmerizing, they shift from various hues of greens, grays, and whites. This green coloring is due to the presence of nickel, which gives Garnierite it's green color. Garnierite does not have an agreed-upon chemical formula & is closely related to Serpentine and associated with Olivine and Peridotite.

Garnierite is considered a stone of serendipity or ‘luck’ bringing positive change and growth. It is a stone of the Earth and heavens which strikes a unique balance of grounding properties & ethereal connection. It is grounding and sparks creativity and ingenuity.



Length: 9.5 cm 

Width: 8.0 cm

Height: 7.5 cm