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Green Orbs Kambaba Jasper Sphere Carving

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Kambaba Jasper is one of the more exotic Jasper's, a rare orbicular variety from Madagascar. In its depths one can literally glimpse the origins of life on our planet and touch a tangible form of the primordial ooze that nurtured our atmosphere and advanced the creation of all living things. Kambaba Jasper is a stone of Tranquility & Peace , imbued with the nourishing green energy of Nature. Its dark mystic circles and deep green swirls comforts and protects, calms and relaxes, soothing troubled minds and restoring balance to the body and spirit. Its slow steady frequency expands one’s ability to focus and is a remarkable aid in meditation, granting the release of negative thoughts and feelings, especially those that plague one’s consciousness on a continual basis. Stimulating the Heart Chakra, Kambaba Jasper draws wisdom from its ancient life energies and encourages one to open the heart to loving the self and others more fully, and increases the ability to receive love in return.

Diameter : 3.8 cm

Weight : 89 grams