Genuine Meteorite Sikhote Alin From Russia Found in 1947

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This Meteorite was discovered in Sikhote, Allin, Maritine Territory, Russia in 1947, by people in eastern Siberia who witnessed the largest single meteorite fall. Over 23 tons of material showered the area. This meteorite displays regmaglpts. thumbprint-like depressions,and has ragged twisted and distorted surfaces. This occurred because the Meteorite broke up at a low altitude and was not subjected to the intense ablation that would have smoothed its surface.

On the Metaphysical side Meteorites are great to treat mental distress and grounding high vibrational states of consciousness into the physical body. They assist inner stillness, patience and persistence with spiritual growth and soul purpose on Earth.


Length – 3.8 cm

Width – 2.7 cm

Height – 1.1 cm

Weight : 23 grams

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