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Extreme Sparkle Titanium Quartz Geode Sphere From Brazil

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Titanium aura quartz crystals have a vibrant color, which is created by treating natural quartz with titanium and other metals, this creates an optical interference that shines like a flaming rainbow of color.

This infusion of titanium brings its own metaphysical benefits to these crystals. Titanium quartz can assist in infusing your spirit with the entire rainbow spectrum of light, bringing powerful healing and strength to your auric body. Use your Titanium Crystal to open and empower all of your chakras for overall alignment, while working to release energy blockages wherever they reside in the body and the aura. The benefits of clear quartz is also prevalent, which is the stone of amplification, intensification, and programming.


Length – 6.8 cm

Width – 6.5 cm

Height – 5.5 cm

Weight : 270 grams