Double Terminated Natural LITHIUM QUARTZ GEMSTONE PENDANT in Sterling Silver (Includes Silver Chain)

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Lithium Quartz has a sweet calming energy that is effective to help relieve stress,tension depression & anxiety.
It is an excellent meditation stone that will heighten the profoundness of your inner journey and support spiritual growth. It takes you easily to the higher realms and helps you to make heart felt spiritual connections that have an amazing beauty and depth. Lithium quartz energy will move throughout the entire body, healing areas of the aura that need help, and activating all of the chakras.It is a wonderful stone for healers to use and to wear, as it helps to create a peaceful and harmonious space for healing.


Dimensions Including Bail:

Length - 3.9 cm

Width - 1.8 cm

Height- 1.3 cm

Weight : 8 grams